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  1. Any good alliance to join?

    Futbol Jump back into messembria if you want your crown and I'll send you an invite as you deserve it.
  2. GNN Breaking News

    I think it the coalition worked together it would have been interesting although a lot of the other alliances hadn't prepared properly and I guess Heroes excluding Repo from WW plan handed it on a plate to us....
  3. GNN Breaking News

    Haha good to see you're well. The rest of the world imploded after you left. Lots of bickering around the world and then mass ghosting once the realisation hit. Not much excitement either way just holding out for WW to begin now which is about 5 weeks from now I believe.
  4. GNN Breaking News

    I'd imagine he will visit the forum's at some point to see how the server is getting on though as he dedicated a lot of time to it
  5. GNN Breaking News

    Can't say I do I'm afraid
  6. GNN Breaking News

    Lmao! Never nice to lose a big player but I like to think his posts on the externals kept the server that bit more active.
  7. GNN Breaking News

    The world is a quiet place without Tango!
  8. GNN Breaking News

    Luckily on speed 1 server we can sim away.
  9. GNN Breaking News

    We don't have a shared ops tab.
  10. GNN (Grepolis News Network) Thermopylae Knocks Out Coalition of the Rim

    I said this in reference to the end game and it working in your favour with what is required towards the latter part of the server. Right now your alliance can only sim hug and avoid wars. I don't think we can be under any illusions this is the case right now. The point is without the wars and...
  11. GNN (Grepolis News Network) Thermopylae Knocks Out Coalition of the Rim

    I guess this works in the favour of Atlantis right now
  12. GNN (Grepolis News Network) Thermopylae Knocks Out Coalition of the Rim

    This external forum is hilarious. I hope everyone has as much fun inside the game as over here. Anyway more time should probably be better spent inside the game cleaning up internals just saying....

    Without going into too much detail, with regards to ITM I said before(I was IA at the time) we already had a few of the exiles like Jredge, Delboy and Kkkeer long before going to war with ITM so our relations were quite good already. I believe the mistake made was ITM plastering on the externals...

    Thermopylae 3897 Heroes 1861 Atlantis 1190 Mallorean 248 CD 489 Total 3788 I must have counted wrong as we still have more cities but including all the inactives it was a close one!

    Diplomacy done in this alliance has been amazing. Chaos had enough of the coalition and made the right choice. Clearly you made the wrong choice in the past when you lost your 4 biggest players. We are happy with our team and have the majority of the best players and fighters on the server...

    I await an actual threat to us winning the server. Make sure you guys clean up the inactives quickly between all the alliances.

    I saw somewhere crown rotation as well if you did build the wonders. I wonder which leaders/alliance are going to allow the others to try and win first. With a speed 1 server I find this highly unlikely as will probably barely have 300 active players by the time the world is win and when the...

    Thanks to Heroes for handing us the WW.
  19. Top 12:)

    An MRA after 2 days is probably the reason. If you have 2 academies before BP has finished I think we all know it won't end well.
  20. Top 12 Lets do some top 12's again

    We will be trying to win the crown first. Once the server has been won there will be an exodus on the server and therefore I don't think there will be a second alliance to win the server. Maybe I'm wrong but I think it's foolish to think there will be more than 2 crowns on this server. Even then...