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  1. Ituralde

    Pnp You can hug or you can fight

    I'm calling out Twisted Souls (#1), The Priory (#2), Kraken (#6), Twisted Minds (#7), Kraken. (#10) for the crime of unbalancing the server. Yes, you know who you are. Coordinating Ops and defense with 5 of the top 10 alliances like this against smaller prey is like cocaine... the high is...
  2. Ituralde

    Nysa Premade - Riot!

    Riot! A Project for speed 3 Revolt This thread is to inform the public that I'm making an alliance in world Nysa. I will probably start in o44 (NW) unless some other mega-premade decides they want it instead. The name isn't set and I only am calling this Riot because I already had a photo for...
  3. Ituralde

    Long time no see!

    I dove my account into VM in October and never really came back, but I'm so proud to see so many old friends (and some foes too!) still going strong. Many of you would know me as "Paul Regret" or "Ituralde." So how is everybody doing? :)
  4. Ituralde

    Favorite Single-Hits on Paros

    I'm curious to see what some of the best single-hits on Paros are/have been. I'll start with my personal best to date: So let's see what other people have! Post big attacks, funny attacks, or just the strange!
  5. Ituralde

    The Battle of Love Nuts

    After unpacking our bags in itwenvopak's final city we gazed around at our new island and proceeded to greet our new Foofie neighbors. Within 30 minutes we had our first visit, but they didn't bring milk and cookies. We were under revolt! :eek: Send in the troops! We need...
  6. Ituralde

    Funny Mails

    Tip of the day: If you are an alliance leader all diplomatic mails should be well thought through and professional, otherwise I am going to have some fun at your expense. ;) I considered going the typical extortion route and demanding him give me resources, but instead I decided to simply troll...
  7. Ituralde

    So... how'd he do it?

    I've played this game since August 2010 and although I learn new tricks all the time this one actually has me stumped, as well as some other large/active/experienced players I've shared it with. I'm hoping the experience of forum community can help me sort this one out. Please don't say...
  8. Ituralde

    The Rise and Decline of the Riot in Ithaca

    The Rise and Decline of the Riot in Ithaca I was reading back on some of the recent threads in Ithaca and had to laugh-- still talking about Riot after all this time? For an alliance nobody seems to want to give credit to, I think we must have made quite an impression! :P Although they say...
  9. Ituralde

    Social Activism and MTV

    A number of my friends in American universities have recently started promoting a campaign started by a nonprofit organization called Invisible Children which is attempting to raise awareness about a dictator named Joseph Kony that has historically terrorized Uganda. The link will take you to...
  10. Ituralde


    First off, I'm posting this in the forum because I'd like to publicly apologize to the alliances Delian League and Spectre on behalf of the leadership of Superium Legacy. You might say that as a leadership team we've been bipolar this week, and this has made our O45 diplomacy erratic. In...
  11. Ituralde

    City Names: What and Why?

    Seeing as we all have one city, I figure over the last four days of simming many of us probably put some time into naming our cities. So what did you name yours, and why?
  12. Ituralde

    Is this world closed?

    So I attempted to start a city on the rim of Zeta, and the Grepolis login screen doesn't list Zeta as a world that I can join. In fact, it doesn't list any worlds prior to Mu (world 12 I think). In light of the high-rate of inactivity in the major alliances (scanning grepostats) I find this...
  13. Ituralde

    Ahhh, the first proper disband

    Wraths Anger seems to have succumbed to the first MRA disband! So who did it?:D Will post the screenshot I just took when I get the time...
  14. Ituralde


    Riot! After discussion, we've decided that we'd rather do less running and more rioting, so Running Riot! Will now be known simply as Riot! Details on the the alliance can be found here. We're starting Northeast (O54), best luck to anybody else headed that direction. Riot...
  15. Ituralde

    Ok my turn--"Running Riot" for speed 2

    I thought for a while I was going to quit Grepo, but seems I have too many friends to leave...:P Running Riot! A project for Speed 2 Revolt/Conquest doesn't matter, I've played a lot of revolt worlds and I'm good at it, but I don't mind the challenge of a conquest world. Alliance size is...
  16. Ituralde


    :Angry: Grrrrr I thought I'd pop out of vm for a bit before deleting my account, and within 24 hours I'm getting bolted by the #1 alliance. So here it is, straight from the F-KP tips section (please add this to your "tips" section DCS): Why not to bolt: Bolting costs 200 favor, and it...
  17. Ituralde

    So long, Grepolis!

    It's been a wild 12 months, and I can't say I regret any of it! I've met a lot of friends, probably too many to name here. I've already made an effort to tell everybody that might care, but in case I missed somebody here it is: I'm finally off to see the world, and I don't want grepolis...
  18. Ituralde

    Tuza Carnage Report

    Seeing as we've moved on to the fourth day in which my attack counter has not dropped below 40+ incomming attacks from IMPERIUM and Infectious State, I figured this deserved mention. :P When some friends convinced me to come back to lambda as Tuza22, Tuza had about 30K dbp. Tuza now has well...
  19. Ituralde

    Why Do You Play Grepolis?

    Personally, I love the social aspect of this game, which is what has kept me going even as earning the 46th city slot has become somewhat monotonous-- the friends that you can talk with every day, and that feeling you get when you accomplish something as a team that you know you never could have...
  20. Ituralde

    Best Pact Request Ever

    Diplo-Hoe. A term used to describe the diplomat of an alliance that feels it needs a pact from every alliance in a war game. I understand the use of pacts for smaller alliances to be able to fight larger ones on even ground, and I value my allies very highly. However I dislike how many...