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  1. wooly84


    What sort of Alliance allows players from the enemy in their skype room: Virus :P
  2. wooly84

    LOL giggle giggle

    my 4 Cities Vs his 429 cities so far 1-0 ME WHEEEEYYY O SPARTIATIS today at 10:12 Take another city from this alliance. I will rain down on you 10x, to what i just launched at you. I will RIM you, if you dont know what RIM, means, ask around, my friend. With my Compliments. THE...
  3. wooly84

    cant join a world

    i cant join world (en86) when i load up grepolis and it says join new worlds i click it then it gives me an option to join 5 worlds 3 of which have been running for over a year any idea how i can choose to join (en86) thanks
  4. wooly84

    Here we go again

    Wooly here Just poping in to see if the grepo passion is still there Helllllooooooo :)
  5. wooly84

    Old noob looking to start again

    Looking for a pre made to help me get back to the swing of things for the next world as long as it's not speed 1
  6. wooly84

    iPad converter

    Hey guys need a little help here Can you get Grepo converter for an iPad if so can you explain how I can do it Thanks in advance
  7. wooly84

    Ocean 46 citys for LD/OV

    My city are up for grabs feel free to mail me and ill make sure you guys walk right in
  8. wooly84


    Any idea why it keeps showing times in UTC+8 and not the normal UTC+1
  9. wooly84


    whats this all about
  10. wooly84

    Tyche's 25th day

    What happened to the 25th day? Nothing to do with last year i hope :P
  11. wooly84

    Not a Bug Activate confirmation request

    When spending gold i should have the little box pop up to confirm i want to spend the Gold well it dosnt work when buying premium advisers My story: Got all 5 shards on the christmas tree so thought i had to extend them as it dosnt explain they get added on themselves so while clicking...
  12. wooly84

    Not a Bug Cant buy gold

    Trying to buy gold but its not working, says i need to put in correct information (which i am) any ideas?
  13. wooly84

    Pass the message on

    Can the ingame mod start doing his/her job and answer a bloody support ticket sometime today its my Gold your wasting
  14. wooly84

    Inactive Topic Switch silver from cave to cave

    Disclaimer: Im thick so this might not be at all perfect :) Proposal: Allow you to swap silver from cave to cave Have you Checked the 'Do not suggest list/previously suggested ideas' in the 'Archive': I have looked and have not found anything like that, if someone has then well done i never...
  15. wooly84

    still going

    anyone still playing in Caly
  16. wooly84


    Well done Hate on the 4 wonders no doubt it will be 7/7 soon
  17. wooly84

    ANTI Quests and Hero's

    Sad to say but Grepolis is going downhill fast, its a war game we want to build troops and ships to fight not do stupid quests and have "heros" that just plain suck. 1.26 version of grepolis was by far the best (imo) if INNO had any sense they would strip the game back down to its original...
  18. wooly84


    Why do people shy away from signing the reps + & - Have some balls for peet sake its just as bad as casting plague on a city :rolleyes: seriously tho man up and sign your REPs people
  19. wooly84

    day 7 login bonus

    once i get to day 7 we get the chance to fill our warehouse with full resources do i need to collect this before day 8 starts or can i keep it there till i want collect it
  20. wooly84

    Ocean 76

    The Odyssey The younger of the two surviving ancient Greek epic poems, traditionally ascribed to Homer but containing much orally transmitted material composed over several centuries, and concerning the adventures and ordeals of the Greek warrior Odysseus after the fall of Troy as he struggles...