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  1. Update to Version 2.215 Discussion Thread

    It’s falling on deaf ears mate, things never change.
  2. World over view after 5 day protection comes off

    Visit them when they sleep and score the easy BP.

    already processed. thankyou inno

    Inno are selling there product in the UK so they would have to adhere to the UK’s rules. but i believe we are still using EU legislation until December.

    Inno where’s the communication about the app alarm fix? Everyone needs to be demanding refunds then inno may get there arse into gear and fix this rubbish. consumer rights act of 2015 entitles me to a full refund due to your faulty product...
  6. Top 12

  7. Top 12 Teos

    Very true fillip, it was a weird old world. i congratulate LoE on there win however they got it.
  8. Top 12 Teos

    then you know why they were organised fillip, always in retaliation. never as a let’s think of something to do today, oh i know let’s hit bestwish.
  9. Top 12 Teos

    Well, you know what bubba. I’m not calling you a liar but i just don’t believe you. If so many people are defending Mik then there must be more to him than what you guys see from the outside.
  10. Top 12 Teos

    Either tod is really thick or partially blind but i think it clearly states why he was targeted in the opening lines of the message.
  11. Top 12 Teos

    Just stating the obvious like you are my friend :)
  12. Top 12 Teos

    Don’t you normally get caught cheating and leave anyway.
  13. Summer Grepolympia Feedback Thread

    i know what inno can do, fix the alarm issue!!!! how long has this been going on now? and not a single word from anyone on a fix or when it will be resolved. fix up inno or give me a refund on gold purchased. as i’m not just building troops to gift away anymore.
  14. Trash Talk Thread

    thinking of Magick gives me happy thoughts :p
  15. Pre-World Side Discussion Thread

    wouldn’t it be nice if inno could share there schedule for the worlds there going to release for the rest of the year. this way people could plan ahead and decide which worlds they want to play i.e setup premades etc and if the settings are not to there liking they could choose from the list...
  16. Pre-World Side Discussion Thread

    contemplating dipping a toe into the revolt waters. is it worth it thou
  17. world wonders

    come talk when a single alliance of 35 wins the world without help from feeders. until then bore off, with your no truth nonsense.
  18. world wonders

    does this mean you might dehug now and actually fight some decent oppenants.
  19. Next Worlds (Spoilers)

    Where you get all this info from, or are you guessing :)
  20. Trash Talk Thread

    Sema is too scared to come down our way, as he knows what will happen, another conquest for us added to the list.