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  1. Bucs/Repo/PlanB Merge

    It's a big deal...major players merging into Repo..making then the favorite atm...I think it deserves it's own thread. Thoughts?
  2. BaldPigeon

    Delete me
  3. Music Thread for Pan...

    I'll Start it..
  4. Ten la Tuya

    Delete me lol.
  5. What's Really Poppin???

    Can we get a summary of what is going on in this server? For us noobs just trolling around these lonely woods...
  6. max

  7. Mad Respect to BNS

    Want to show my total respect for Bones and Skulls. These guys are/were machines. I know it didn't turn out well for them in this server (at the end) but they are great warriors given their size they played wayyyyyy above it. Doru is also a great leader along with Aura. If i ever play...
  8. Watered Down Servers...

    Title explains it.. Im done when i win my crown in my reason to play in a "new server" that lasts 2 years when a new one opens ups every 2 weeks lol... Who in their right mind does that? please open up this convo and tell this crappy inno management how we all hate the...
  9. Predictions On The Final Months?

    What are the predictions on how Paros will play out?
  10. The End

    Good Luck to anyone standing in my crew's way. You'll need it.
  11. Grouping Rizina to Nicaea

    Paros has been open for about 4's a bit ridiculous that this world is already grouped with others in the externals and three or four new worlds have started. That's my mini-rant for making me click an extra link.