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  1. End Game

    Final battle started last month
  2. Wake of the Kraken - here we grow again

    Well seems when faced with the challenge of facing Wok, alliance after alliance prefers to fold or run away. Wonder who we should focus on next?
  3. Deeper into 54 - Who will Stop Us

    Well looks like Clive will soon face his biggest Challenge.
  4. Explain Hero Worlds Please?

    As the world was designed to be harder then others, it was meant to have only experienced players (i.e Hero's from other worlds). Because it is a difficult world player come and go on a regular basis, but with it's 3 year anniversary around the corner it shows it still has several interested &...
  5. Wake of the Kraken - here we grow again

    So back to number 1 again, yet so little challenges
  6. Ask Fotns

    Good advice for playing this game in Four words or less Such as Cover yours - kick theirs!
  7. Deeper into 54 - Who will Stop Us

    Gee sounds like a Alliance we know who lied about a Pact and then turned on them.
  8. Top fifteen alliance discussion

    Wow - all went Ghost in O54 and O55???
  9. Tool Athena's Records

    hold can I try this tool?
  10. Lets do a game update

    Alex, really surprised that TR for all the support given hasn't just merged with RnR to try hold Clive off. Now that would be interesting to see!
  11. Lets do a game update

  12. Lets do a game update

    Hasan - Betraying your friends and partners, will never earn you number one! Clive - the floods are over and most have returned from VM, so no more excuses. Shadis - before you ask, YES number one (Wake of the Kraken). We earned it the old fashion way - WE WORKED FOR IT!
  13. wotk heroes or cowards

    So just for fun, thought you all need to laugh more. Makes me laugh every time I see it!.....................he made this jump when he was 10 lb lighter!
  14. wotk heroes or cowards

    yup you are right Ken, that's me all talk, a simmer who does nothing....................that's how I survived and grew in this game. LOL But sorry about your accident, RL gets in the way of this game doesn't it? Just thought you were one of those players with double or triple accounts, hiding...
  15. wotk heroes or cowards

    Gee, wrantherage I just can not seem to find you in Achilles..................under what other account do you play there? Or should I ask, what type of coward are you hiding under a different name (what are you afraid of)?
  16. wotk heroes or cowards

    Wonder how a group of simmers could ever become #1???..........................please tell me that trick. Speaking of cowards, who's the bigger coward - someone who attacks you head on to WIN a city or the person who sneaks in over night to STEAL a city?? The coward also find it's easier...
  17. wotk heroes or cowards

    Wait until the World Wonders start, then tell me how many we LOSE every week. No matter what people claim now, you will see several start building them within 30 days after it starts
  18. wotk heroes or cowards

    At this point does it really all matter, Hero's world will be dying shortly and no GRAND idea of a boycott will stop it from happening! It is but a game for us but a BUSINESS for Inno - less players = less people buying gold = less profits. They are far better off to continue expanding into new...
  19. wotk heroes or cowards

    Don't recall any of bragging here...........if there is post PLEASE tell us where we can find it. Well lets see, in the States there is school graduation season and you may have read that there's been a bit of flooding in Europe. So please tell me you're not that stupid to realize that Real Life...
  20. Sun Tzu heads to "death grounds"

    Rue = to feel sorrow over; repent of; regret bitterly: to rue the loss of opportunities. to wish that (something) had never been done, taken place, etc.