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  1. Japhyb

    Dang people hated me

    People really didn't like me on this server lmao I just came back to see if anybody here still remembers me. Is there anybody here at all?
  2. Japhyb

    Ghosting Founder

    What happens if the one and only founder of an alliance ghosts?
  3. Japhyb

    Messaging in other languages

    In game, are you allowed to PM in different languages or only english?
  4. Japhyb

    Building while using Administrator

    If you are using the administrator to get 7 slots, and you have 7 in queue, but then administrator runs out, what happens to the things in the queue?
  5. Japhyb


    Strong, active, and experienced players in o44, ask me or Stagger Lee to join. Brother alliances with Sleeping Beauty and Jungle book, with another coming in soon.
  6. Japhyb

    en 85 Trash Talking Thread

    This was pretty successful on en 83 so we'll try it out here, trash talk everybody around :P
  7. Japhyb


    Here we can talk about all of the wars going on in the world
  8. Japhyb

    Top 12 Sink or Swim Discussion

    You know the drill
  9. Japhyb


    If you know of any not obvious pacts and coalitions between alliances please post them here
  10. Japhyb

    Wish List No-Gold World

    Proposal: To make a world where you are not allowed to purchase, us, or trade any gold at all. You may not use any real life currency to help yourself. Reason: Non-gold user such as my self never get a chance to compete in worlds properly because there are people spending hundreds and...
  11. Japhyb


    If you know any wars that are going on right now, say what you know and talk about them here. What I know: Eviction Notice vs Just War Eviction Notice vs Just the Tip Written in Blood vs Just War Inglourious Basterds vs KLEOS This is just who I have noticed fighting constantly, and...
  12. Japhyb

    The mystery of Bond 007

    Well known forum spammer Bond 007 has gone missing during the making of the Abdera world newspaper. Anybody know where he has gone?
  13. Japhyb

    Poster and sig

    Can someone make me a cool looking poster and matching sig please, my requests are for it to be themed with hades and the underworld and to have Japhyb somewhere on it. If you made it look professional I would give you +rep and really appreciate it. Thanks, Japhyb
  14. Japhyb

    Being conquered while supporting

    What happens when you have support in another city and then your city gets conquered? Do the troops vanish, do they go back to the person that conquered the city, or do they go to the city it is supporting?