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  1. Update to Version 2.220 Discussion Thread

    No pity for those of you who are put out because you were playing the game in a way that was never intended and now you find yourself punished for your bad behavior.
  2. Pnp Mighty... Mighty What?

    it is so rampant that it is no wonder why worlds barely even get out of the 4 core is ruined and mods sit on their hands, maybe slapping a wrist and giving a player a 3 day rest, i mean ban (cough, cough). Which is ironic in today's world where people are all home. You would...
  3. Shared Internet Connection

    yep. It meant that i could not teach this game to my kids as it was too limiting, but the game has gone to hell anyways with all the gold and all the spammers, so as it turns is just as well.
  4. Pnp Mighty... Mighty What?

    Ah. i see. It is tragic, though. One of the best games ever is totally destroyed by gold on the one side and spam on the other. What ever happened to being active and having skills? Sad days.
  5. Pnp Mighty... Mighty What?

    he speaks the truth. Grepolis used to go from edge to edge but innogames gold to win changes have driven many away. The spammers are putting the final nail in the coffin.
  6. Pnp Mighty... Mighty What?

    Sorry, but anyone who rats out his former alliance members have no honor and deserve no respect. If you have something against the leaders, fine, but to rat out the soldiers who play for fun is despicable and is inexcusable. No respect given here to that.
  7. Pre-world Pseira Discussion Thread

    YAWN...revolt worlds are not worth the RAM it takes to run them.
  8. Top 12 Sober or hungover

    Does it really count to call it a siege when CS's get smashed within a second or two by ls? :eek:
  9. Dion news

    your on the very edge of the rim. What war?
  10. Time To Retire

    I keep retiring and then the withdrawal hits and i'm back on the drug....
  11. BP for Farms?

    some good thoughts here. I do like the idea of encouraging fighting. I've always wished that the only way you could get CP's was through VP. THAT would encourage fighting! As I think about this more, I think towards the end of the world it will not be such a big factor, but for the...
  12. BP for Farms?

    I am curious as to everyone's thoughts on using your BP for obtaining and leveling island farms? I personally hate it, since I've always been one who only had one city on an island in an effort to maximize my farming for resources capabilities. I do like that what I do only affects me, so I'm...
  13. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    i have played both with and against Triad and Venom and i think it would be epic...but due to RL, many Triad players have given up the faster worlds, so it would have to be speed 1 to be a real test...
  14. Pandoras box

    seems like a bad idea to post here,as i would think you would be a target since you are all out of troops...i stopped playing as soon as i had 6 or 7 failures in a row, even though i had maxed the % to capture... (didn't take that many boxes to accomplish that
  15. Let's Discuss: Morale Replacement System That Helps New Players

    I agree with dustballs1. I am OK with or without it, but I think it would be best that, like beginner's protection, morale has a time limit. If you have been on the server a year ( or some other reasonable time), morale is disabled for your defense. If you haven't developed in that time, this...
  16. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    Should have been a rule up front that you cannot vote for your own alliance. It means very little to say your own alliance is the best. You can claim you won your world, but if we didn't play on it, we have no idea what competition you had. I've played on Athens where the competition was...
  17. Winds of Change Feedback

    Thankfully this is over, but I have to agree with Dustballs1. This was a totally inappropriate event; especially taking into account that over half of the players in the world I just competed against must be about 10 years of age...
  18. Winds of Change Feedback

    Most idiotic thing i have ever seen...which is saying a lot since it was innogames :D
  19. Would You Play A Old School World Today?

    Bring back Athens! Settings and all (EN25)