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  1. Newspaper Sinope Herald Issue 4

    nice read!+rep
  2. Conflicts????

    Wow, blast from the past. I remember the Nyssa forum thread 'Free crowns for all' that Ni aggressively denied. Guess they knew they would get bored :0:eek: WW just feels like it lasts forever
  3. Conflicts????

    Thanks for your concern stirlo. But there will be no 'after' Black Dawn because we are still there. Many, many sniped CS's later. Yes we lost a few cities, but cities come and go. The real players keep playing. Maybe the after will be because they try someone else hoping easier? Or because...
  4. Danish division

    Could be amount of players and same world size = more cities per player. Would be bloodbath with 350 nukes flying around
  5. Danish division

    Maybe there is a favourable exchange rate?
  6. Danish division

    I have felt their wrath already :eek: and may again for this ;)
  7. Pnp The Culling

    entertaining read- you can't make that stuff up, but you Bond narrate it nicely! PS what is a PnP?
  8. Pre-World Sinope Discussion Thread

    You can get help for that!
  9. growing concern

    Agree whole-heartedly that people that join with intent to disband or mass defect is just not cool. I would sign up to this 'pact'. But as said above, I am biased. Happened already in my short grep career. Ruined the world for me as all people I had come to know scattered, due to very...
  10. World Won

    LOL Awesome Ouyee and thanks VB. I wasn't sure with the alter ego in forum who from our sister alliance was going to town on them. I should have known after! Simming is a good excuse for losing towns and not taking responsibility. Too bad the whole Ni family did not get crowns as promised...
  11. Current events & WW race discussion

    BD was also happily smashing our stuff into Woody along with Scenickarma. Glad they organized it. As for the others we just like to see if you are home.
  12. Current events & WW race discussion

    Glad they wont be easy, will keep trying.
  13. Announcement World Nysa - What would you like to say?

    We appreciate the respect Riot. We will miss your 'Bullying' and I hope I see 40+incoming attacks lined up from someone else soon as it just wont be the same. As for Noobs, if only I could find the +rep....