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  1. Hyperadox

    Winter Grepolympia Help Button

    I posted this originally, but totally thought I posted it here in the report a bug section. Here's the link to my original post:
  2. Hyperadox

    Winter Grepolympia Help Button

    Not a huge serious one, just that when you press this button: It opens this webpage: Which just happens to be for the wrong event :)
  3. Hyperadox

    Hug This Offensive Strategy LEAKED!!!! NOT CLICK BAIT!!! You WON'T believe what they said about you!

    I mean, were yall really expecting anything else? Come on now.... :)
  4. Hyperadox

    Top 12 7 Wonders of Pharae

    Currently there are 7 teams that have a significant amount of influence in the world, and a top 12 doesn't really fit the server anymore. I'll go through each of those teams here. Coalition of True Fear - Orange - Currently made up of 3 separate alliances: True Fear, Phoenix Centauri, and...
  5. Hyperadox

    Thizzle vs James

    Hey guys! I made a dedicated thread so you two can have dedicated space to slam on each other. It's safe to say everyone is tired of every other thread being bombed with the repetitive trash talk you've been saying for the past 2 months. So, in an effort to keep the forum from being entirely...
  6. Hyperadox

    Top 12 New Top 12

    The last thread got real cluttered real fast. It would be nice to have a thread devoted completely and only to Top 12 lists. If you'd like to respond to any ones list, please do so in a top 12 format. If anyone is willing to take the time to fill out an analysis, I'm sure everyone else would...