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  1. Genios

    Pnp The dishonourable wolf

    THE DISHONOURABLE WOLF a Pnp by Genios Long ago in an ocean far far away, a lone wolf split from the pack and decided to integrate with the humans at the camp. The humans were nice to the wolf and gave him warmth and shelter from the storm and allowed him to sleep by the fire. The humans...
  2. Genios


    Nameless Join O44 Nameless- Best ocean, best players, best alliance :D
  3. Genios

    En84 Nameless

    Alliance Name: Nameless Founders: Excaliber76, Simon28, Terrarizen Council: Genios, MysticalJe, KROKUS MAXIMUS Recruitment: Genios (please post here) Now that En84 is coming fast on the 30th, we will be migrating Nameless (5th alliance in Rhammus) over to En84. I myself have been playing since...
  4. Genios

    Should the UN have the "big five"?

    The topic: Should the UN have the "big five"? The motion: This house believes that the 5 main member states UN should not have "veto power" to override a majority vote. Details: The 5 main member states of the United Nations; China, Russia, France, the USA and Great Britain have so called...
  5. Genios

    Beginner Genios's GFX Shop

    Welcome to Genios's GFX Shop I can make Avatars, Sigs, Profiles, Wallpapers, Banners and more. I can make them for ingame or on the forums. Not necessarily only for Grepolis. Current status: OPEN Current Requests: Some of My Finished Stuff (mostly personal and alliance CoAs)...
  6. Genios

    The Ancient Ram Inn

    This story is based on a real life experience I had while visiting The Ancient Ram Inn which is apparently the most haunted hotel in England. So I was travelling to Birmingham but had to stay somewhere overnight so my friend suggested that we stay at the Inn as it was en-route (sort of) and it...
  7. Genios

    Inactive Topic Attack overview on siege attacks

    Proposal: Allows you to see attacks on your siege in the attack overview. Reason: You should be able to do so as if it is your city while it is under siege if you are the attacker and the same as the defender. Details: In the siege menu, you can select attacks just like in the attack tab and...