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  1. Cannot Trade

    After refreshing, clearing cache in chrome and switching to FF, my trade became frozen. I cannot trade between cities, and between villages.
  2. Not a Bug Came Back from VM - No Island Quests

    Ok, so I just came back from VM... 12 hours ago. By now, I should be seeing icons for available island quests, right? But there is none. I have tried clearing my cache, disabling GRC, and using a different browser. Should I submit a ticket now? Or should I wait...I need to feed the...
  3. What happens to spies 'on travel' when city is conquered?

    Hi All, Ok, I recall that if you sent troops to attack/support from a city and that city is conquered while they travel, troops disappear. Does the same thing happen to spies or would you still get report? Thanks! Q
  4. Inactive Topic High Yield/High Risk Islands

    Proposal: A proposal to remove resource penalties of islands at central oceans and remove resource bonuses for islands at outlier oceans. Oceans at the periphery of central oceans will be unchanged. Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Yes. Using keywords “special...
  5. Is 'Heightened Senses' Stackable?

    Hi all, If I have multiple heightened senses on my inventory and I use them all, will they have a stacking effect? Couldn't find it on the forums or google...and I'm afraid to try :P Thanks!
  6. What are the ' Character Limits' of In-game Forum

    Hi All, I have tried in the notes, accidentally putting 500 "[" characters and it won't display (making table for recipes last halloween). What is the character limit (for other characters) for a single post besides the 500 limit for bracket? Also, What is the Tab Limit of In-game...
  7. Not a Bug Countdown Time for most 'Events' Freezes at Zero

    Hi, Countdown Time for most 'Events' Freezes at Zero with new interface, you need to refresh the page remove the "frozen time" See sample for revolt countdown, same is true for recruitment and trading. REgards,
  8. Not a Bug Signal for Impending Attack (Attack Planner) needs page refresh to Appear

    Hi, Before, the signal for impending attack automatically appears before the set departure time. With new interface, you have to refresh the page in order for it to appear. Hope someone could look into this. Regards,
  9. Is it possible to be stripped of an award?

    Hello everyone, I'm aiming for the Hero Tactician Award, and I've completed all but one requirement which is 20,000 rank listing points. If I get to 20K points, then 1 of my city was conquered after that getting me back to less than 20K, will the HTA be stripped from me? Thanks! Qubit
  10. Premium Player/s Suddenly Banned?

    Hi All, esp. Grepo Admins, May I ask why one of my ally has been banned? I'm pretty sure he is a premium user, and I don't remember him doing anything wrong... never mentioned any profanity, always nice to everyone. Active and strong in two worlds, same account. I 've also heard that many...