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  1. Shuri2060

    Proposal Olympus ideas

    Could we have a new section or thread for us to submit Olympus suggestions for improvement as it is a relatively new feature and players likely have small things to recommend? ---------------------------------- Proposals: 1. Either alliance leaders or all members receive attack reports when...
  2. Shuri2060

    Proposal Revamp NB and introduce it to EN for more beginner friendly servers

    Proposals: (note these are separate proposals that can be implemented independently from each other) Apply the following changes to Night Bonus (NB): 1. Players can choose what time their 8 hrs of NB starts every day. These hours should be publicly displayed (maybe in a player's profile as...
  3. Shuri2060

    Proposal Balancing DLU vs Myth event tokens

    Proposal: Balance DLU tokens against Myth tokens in events. imo the largest DLU tokens should be at least as big as Myth tokens in terms of population and they should have similar/faster spawn rate. On a less important note, I would also suggest matching Bir/LS token pop with Myth ones as...
  4. Shuri2060

    Proposal Naming islands

    Proposal: Give alliance leaders the ability to name islands. Only players in the alliance can see the names (but like reservations, there should be an ability to share with other alliances). Or Grepolis could give islands name by default (instead of numbers). Reason: The current naming...
  5. Shuri2060

    Proposal Ghosting specific cities

    Proposal Add option to ghost specific cities under restart section in settings. Password is required to do this. Once ghosting process is started, it cannot be cancelled. You can still utilize your city as normal before it ghosts. It takes 24 hrs for a city to ghost this way. Reason Gives...
  6. Shuri2060

    Proposal Configure Hotkeys

    Proposal: Create a settings panel where we can configure existing hotkeys. Perhaps allow hotkeys to be set for more actions than the existing ones. I also suggest a feature where you can import settings between worlds (or by default have your settings copied over from your last world when you...
  7. Shuri2060

    Proposal Anti-Spam improvements to the game

    Proposal: I propose the following measures to deal with spam - 1. Change minimum attack percentage (currently 3%), either: a) Increase, eg. 10%, or even 20%. b) Formula, eg. 300/sqrt[used_pop]% (anything over 100% becomes 100%). (Another way to look at this example formula is minimum attack...
  8. Shuri2060

    Passed Farming Village improvement

    Proposal: Creation of farm all cities button for players with over 20 cities (with Captain). Captcha expected every 6 uses of the farm all button (but random). Background Explanation: For years, users have been pained by the time and clicks it takes to farm the more cities you have. Once you...
  9. Shuri2060

    New Rules on spam???

    Edit: Idea pushed -------------------------------------------------------- What follows is a giant wall of text I didn't intend on making, but this is what happens when I seriously consider topics like this... (a reason I haven't...
  10. Shuri2060

    House of Win

    Join the winning house now! Subscription costs you 100 silver per month!
  11. Shuri2060

    Morale not updating immediately

    I have reported before that there is an error in morale updating immediately after a city is taken. This is a MAJOR BUG in the game and should not be the case - needs a fix asap. This ruins the idea of breaking Low Morale Sieges immediately after an LMD grows (between the end of the 1st siege...
  12. Shuri2060

    Gold Exchange asking for Captcha multiple times in a row

    After answering the Google Captcha (which takes ~5-10 seconds for me) and someone has sniped me to the exchange (so I cannot send any res), the Captcha will come up again on the next time I try to send. That means even if all 3 resources are open, I'm going to lose out on all if I have a...
  13. Shuri2060

    Join :3

    Join us >^^<
  14. Shuri2060

    24 hr clock everywhere

    Grepolis uses a 24 hr clock on browser, but its format is h:mm:ss instead of hh:mm:ss in some places (eg. command overview, whereas reports is hh:mm:ss). I think hh:mm:ss is the correct format to show everything is in 24 hrs. To fix - just change the readableUnixTimestamp function in common.js...
  15. Shuri2060

    More worlds like the anniversary world?

    Not sure how other people would feel, but I really like the settings of the anniversary worlds (high speed, start with 3 cities), and hope we can see more in future. Maybe once a year? It'd be interesting to mix those settings up slightly as well - eg. 10 small cities, or just 1 big city at...
  16. Shuri2060

    Proposal Option: Toggle Hail On/Off by default

    Proposal: Can we have an option to toggle Hail On/Off by default in the settings. There are a lot of us who are used to having it selected by default, and it's a pain having to remember every time you send a Cat attack.
  17. Shuri2060

    Restarting anniversary world, CP not reset

    When you restart an anniversary world with less CP than you are given by default (9 CP), it will not be reset (situation can occur through research reset). Eg. if you restart while you have 5 CP, you will still have that instead of 9. I don't know and hope this is not the case for players who...
  18. Shuri2060

    Question DIO tools link no longer working?

    Anyone come across this? I'm trying to access it from both and
  19. Shuri2060

    Looking for a team?

    Looking for new - mid level players who want to learn how to play at a high level in this game. I take my time whenever I can to write guides in my alliance's forums and give advice on the tricks and techniques I've learnt over the years. I value willingness to learn over activity - I've known...
  20. Shuri2060

    Proposal No wall in 3 city CQ worlds

    Proposal: Can we not start with pre-built walls in CQ worlds where you start with 3 cities. Reason: Self explanatory Implementation: Shouldn't take much From the looks of things, en119 (and other anniversary worlds) will restart - would be good if this is implemented when they do.