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  1. nanatea

    Inactive Topic City view back in background

    So I have this idea.. Joking, its actually not my idea, but the way it was before last update, and only way it can be change back is if I suggest it as an idea. :) Proposal: “City view” window should stay in background when changing towns with click on “City overview”. Reason: “City...
  2. nanatea

    Inactive Topic Stone Hail

    Proposal: Researched Stone Hail in academy should only work for catapults that survive in attack. Reason: For now there is no defence against demolishing buildings if player send catapults with researched Stone Hail. Details: Even if all transport with catapults get killed on bireme wall...
  3. nanatea

    Sea Storm

    Question: If I send CS with 39 light ships (560 population; 30% = 168), does that mean CS can't be destroyed, or Sea storm count 40 units and will destroy random 12... 11 LS and CS for example?
  4. nanatea

    Research points for CS and Conquest

    Colony ship and Conquest doesn't require research points to research them in Academy, and description says we need (or don't need) 0 research points. Now we can research both technologies if we have 1 free point, but not if we have (minus) -1 free point. My question is what zero (0) in this...
  5. nanatea

    Not a Bug Island info/Farming villages

    World: PSIBrowser and Version: Firefox 14.0 and Chrome 19.0.1084.56 mOverview of the bug: After I give away few cities, I can still see – for all islands where I used to had cities, on map and Island info window, all farming villages information like I would still have city on island...