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  1. spiderpigg2

    New world in any server?

    Sup y'all My apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum, Its a gameplay question Recently been playing Abdera, but had some real life stuff going on, came back online and my 30+ cities have gone, which was/is totally my fault for not hitting VM or letting the leaders of my...
  2. spiderpigg2

    Request for a Signature

    Hi guys, requesting help on requiring a Signature... something along the lines of Spiderpigg, doesnt have to be anything to do with the Simpsons Spiderpigg... tho thats the general idea, doesnt have to be anything special, tho will appreciate any Graphics Designer pimpin my Sig out Thanks...
  3. spiderpigg2

    Started late, Interested in joining a Alliance..

    My apologies to Mods if this is all in the wrong place... "Was a avid player 1-2 years ago, looking to get back into the game, started this world late, still got 20hrs of BP left, way out in Ocean 57.." Looking to join the right Alliance, i made mistakes last time playing just by simply...