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  1. FazeWalker

    Answered Forum Moderation Tools?

    Been away from the game for a good while. :( Most of the time have been working as forum mod, the DIO tools used to help a lot. Suppose when I needed to delete entire 20 posts under 1 thread, I just selected all and delete. (In a thread with 78 post suppose, removing the first outdated 20...
  2. FazeWalker

    Inactive Topic Improvement: Notific Bar Needs Overlapping

    Proposal: Notifications of incoming/outgoing, trade, recruitment needs to overlap Reason: It is often difficult to have a quick look at the incomings and other notifics from the bar when you have multiple windows opened. It can be related to just making things easier. The reason is very weird...
  3. FazeWalker

    Newspaper Announcement: Seasonal Scrolls Lato

    Hi guys, It seems none prepared a newspaper on this world. I'm bringing my Seasonal Scrolls from Dimale over here. But this newspaper will take time and be published in November/December when this world's ranking stabilizes. Currently the rankings are changing a lot and it will keep changing...
  4. FazeWalker

    Late Join = No Love?

    Hey you guys! I left the game a while back during Dimale wonder times. Anyway I installed the app the other day, and logged in to check if I got my cities! Oh well, I noticed they just thrown me into the new world without a prompt :3 (yes, all my worlds ghosted :( ) So without a doubt, I...
  5. FazeWalker

    Dimale: Age of World Wonders News

    So here I am, Galib, back to the forums after a good couple of busy days. :D And Dimale stepped into the Age of World Wonders a few days ago! For those of you who already have quit, you are missing some great moments here. In this thread I will give a bit update on the current WW races and...
  6. FazeWalker

    Pnp Justice Seeker: When RL spreads around Grepolis

    So yesterday something happened what I've never seen during my Grepolis years. moscleo1 put bounty on a 1500 point city who just joined the rim of the world. While moscleo1 is in La Family far in O35, the guy landed in O46. I asked him, why such haste for a little guy, I guessed a few options...
  7. FazeWalker

    Top Heroes in your Vision

    Hey mates and matees (nvm, just the opposite gender in another way! :P ), it's been a good time in Dimale. And the forum was getting dull. But you see, you will get a hero in your eyes, no matter how great hero you yourself are! Suppose a guy sends 3 CS from the same city in between 3 hours...
  8. FazeWalker

    Inactive Topic Island Quests Availability

    Firstly, hoping that I have the permission to make 2 entries for the competition. Here it goes. Another improvement idea. Proposal: Improvement to island quests, more availability for larger players. Reason: It's been like a month since I got my last "Fast Troop Movement" reward from the...
  9. FazeWalker

    Inactive Topic Ideas Comp - Enhanced Chat

    Proposal: Improvement to chat feature - The chat box is presented as a bar and stays like that. Reason: To establish better and faster communication and increase the use of the "CHAT" feature of Grepolis which many people doesn't yet know about. Details: The chat box already exists in the...
  10. FazeWalker

    Newspaper Seasonal Scrolls : Dimale - Issue 1

    By Galib Abrar Foreword This will be my first newspaper publishing till now, after so many years of Grepolis. I have read a couple of newspapers to get a few idea and included my own ideas as well to present to everyone a better newspaper. Seasonal Scrolls will keep releasing issues...
  11. FazeWalker

    Answered Artemis Illusion Attack

    How do I know the Travel Time of the Artemis' Illusion? I mean where does it start from and goes at the speed of which unit? Does it start from the closest city of mine with Artemis? Edit: Sorry I returned to Grepo after quite a while and am new to the use of Artemis.
  12. FazeWalker

    Dimale Revolutions: Rise of the Fuzzy Bunnies!

    After people decided that something will be Coming Soon to Dimale, actually something came. A flat line from the vicinity. Having few of them actually inactive from any type of battle recently, that's what my GRCRT says though, maybe on vacation to Dimale. The flat line somewhat gave blurred...
  13. FazeWalker

    Real Sad Story - WitchiWitch - Coven Too

    You just have to see this message. I literally had no replies to this. We just see them Brown Cities. It is truly sad to hear all of these. :(