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  1. FazeWalker

    Update to Version 2.220 Discussion Thread

    Whoa put up a global advertisement headlining it as "LMD killed in Grepo" and we'll see some old faces defo. Well done
  2. FazeWalker

    Update to Version 2.218 Discussion Thread

    all hail devs. finally. and yes @Shuri2060 for president!
  3. FazeWalker

    Pre-World Therma Discussion Thread

    What a let down, the settings
  4. FazeWalker

    World without gold and previous farming system.

    the whole grepo community and the game itself will sink soon. And you're talking about making a free server for the fellows who can't afford but LOVE the game. Find a new game ahahah.
  5. FazeWalker

    How is this possible?

    its because 126 is already done. Theres no competition to the #1 team there. Thats the reason everyone has the luxury to make CS only in most cities. They don't get attacked, or need to attack anyone. Thus theres not many actual BP to be found anyway. And while the domination system asks for...
  6. FazeWalker

    Passed Farming Village improvement

    +strong support
  7. FazeWalker

    Bring Back The Grepolis Player's Council

    Strongly support. Voices need to echo
  8. FazeWalker

    Newspaper Today in Sidon I

    Great read! I laughed a lot at the CONE OF SHAME part! "Retarded like 40 of your pact members?" Ahahahah @LaSophie too good XD Also great job on the overall management! Sad to be a party pooper but I don't recognize cheese variations hahah. However I would teach the elephant how to high five...
  9. FazeWalker

    TKF's Top 12 Power Rankings First Edition: The Pre-Protection End Rankings

    Good read. Pretty hard to judge it off this early like you did because a lot of them are here to get gold, or just feel the new end game system. But yeah since you'll have more editions coming, worth the read :D This dont work anymore but still +rep
  10. FazeWalker

    Olympus World Feedback Thread

    I need my 9 tries at least!
  11. FazeWalker


    he didn't need timing. he responded after 4 hours. why's he here talking about same second timing cheats ahaha
  12. FazeWalker


    cheats for timing? heuheuheu
  13. FazeWalker

    Pnp Leontini 2.0 aka Pseria

    Tbh I found no organized drop in the beginning of the server, Big Papa decided team will drop a day later, I said I'll drop now for the gold (i'm a free player and i have a primary world for now so don't mind me) and will shift to the core when everyone drops. But the plan was preponed and they...
  14. FazeWalker

    Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

    so I'mma translate Temple of the Sun in 50 languages to see which one hits up? Sure mate.
  15. FazeWalker

    Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

    Is it only me who feels a little offended being fed gold to ssssssh up hahah. Btw "The Phoenix takes his fathers ashes to the Temple of the sun My city name Templum Solis is latin for Temple of the sun " you had to Latin this up as well for no reason? :( No wonder I couldnt search up the city...
  16. FazeWalker

    Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

    omg this will be such a pain for anyone :( I should get some reward as I conquered the guy on my same island thinking it was Baudin. Urgh what a waste of slot haha
  17. FazeWalker

    Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

    Whats up with Baudin he ain't posting more clues. Got himself revolted?
  18. FazeWalker

    Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

    Hydna you so bad at giving out clues haha. Baudin pinpointed himself so precisely
  19. FazeWalker

    Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

    on that note. How does your closest neighbor look like from your walls? They hang any alliance banners in front of those walls? If thats a tough sight to notice, what does your own alliance banner look like, if you're in one?
  20. FazeWalker

    Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

    I only have to find you but you are being more conservative about yourself rather than Baudin :(