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  1. Discord World Chat

    I posted the wc link in the pre-world discussion thread but I'm reposting the link here so more people can see it.
  2. Top 12 Dave's Top 12 thread

  3. World Chios (revolt) Pre-made

    Hello as some of you may have seen I made a pre-made for the next conquest world. But it seems the new world is revolt. So until the next conquest world opens I will play Chios, Alliance name: Chimpanzees Riding Segways Alliance theme video: Requirements to join: Must have discord. Must have...
  4. Yakuza premade for next conquest world

    Yakuza (Japanese: ヤクザ, IPA: [jaꜜkɯza]), also known as gokudō (極道, "the extreme path", IPA: [gokɯꜜdoː]), are members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan. The Japanese police, and media by request of the police, call them bōryokudan (暴力団, "violent groups", IPA...
  5. Remove captcha inputs from gold trade

    Just want to say it's super annoying to be asked so many timed to select the right squares. Even when you get it right it keeps asking you, In the meantime someone else gets the gold and you;re left with nothing. I dont see why you would need captcha inputs for gold trading. Remove captcha...
  6. What if you had to be a certain amount of points to launch attacks

    I notice all these bot accounts that have been attacking me have been 658 points even. What if you had to be 2k points to launch attacks. I think by the time you come out of bp you are well over 2k points anyway. Just a suggestion. At least make it harder for these spam bots to operate.
  7. New way of reporting players

    You should have the option of reporting player next to the player name. This will be more efficient of reporting the bot accounts than always having to fill out a support ticket everytime.
  8. World Chat
  9. Premade for next conquest world

    I have a lot of free time on my hands so I guess I will try this out. Alliance name: To be decided (I will hold a vote on the alliance name at a future date. I'm open to all suggestions. Settings: Anything speed 2+ (literally screw speed 1) Requirements to join: Must use discord or be willing...