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  1. Equanimity

    Top 12 Top 12

    Ahh yes... 2010. Those were the days.
  2. Equanimity

    Maybe time for new speed 1 world?

    Been a while, man.
  3. Equanimity

    The activity amazes me...

    FOTNS must be hungover.
  4. Equanimity

    EN87 (Know its a while away) Together

    I'll join.
  5. Equanimity

    MRA from Delta is Back

    Well then, sign me up! (please bear in mind I'll be distinctly average)
  6. Equanimity

    MRA from Delta is Back

    You must be bored...
  7. Equanimity

    Just a little question. (to admins or moderators)

    You'll only hear from them if they liked your application. If not, you won't.
  8. Equanimity

    Sim city

    'One of its kind' providing you ignore the Sim City alliance in Eubea.
  9. Equanimity

    New years Eubea comp...

    Count me in.
  10. Equanimity

    This is most annoying... -_-

    Come now, you're making this up.
  11. Equanimity

    Noobs De-Merge

    One would assume such.
  12. Equanimity

    Noobs De-Merge

    Sadly, they could not cope being on the front lines in a war against 3 alliances so they've reformed Eclipse in a hope to get a NAP/Pact with Infectious, MIA, and BoTs. It would be sad if they succeeded as cowardly acts such not be rewarded.
  13. Equanimity

    Top 12 Alliances

    Big words from an alliance who needs the might of Infectious and MIA to take our cities.
  14. Equanimity

    Spying/Attacking Banned Players

    Oh you two.
  15. Equanimity

    Spying/Attacking Banned Players

    Are you sure? Do you have the relevant experience to know this?
  16. Equanimity


    When did you learn how to type/speak like a normal being?
  17. Equanimity

    Pnp A look at the Gauls last couple days...

    Surely you could just wrap some img bb codes around each of those image links...
  18. Equanimity

    Top 12 Alliances

    I didn't realise the trolls were still about.
  19. Equanimity


    Oi, are you gonna enable your VMs now you won't receive abuse from annoyed players?
  20. Equanimity


    Your forum profile says you're 17.