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    Pnp Doctor, doctor, I think I need glasses!

    This noob production is dedicated to BT:
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    Announcement Poster of the Month

    The first 'Poster of the Month' competition is now open for nominations. Details can be found here.
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    Open April - Poster of the Month

    Welcome to the first 'Poster of the Month' competiton! As you will most likely have inferred, this competition will be held on a monthly basis to celebrate the great contribution you, our community, provide. Rules: Users will nominate up to three people and provide posts from the appropriate...
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    Count to 20 before I post

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    Announcement You've won the Lottery

    As a matter of fact, this is better than winning the Lottery. I am Equanimity (Eq) and I will be your forum mod. I'm easy to get on with providing you're easy to like, so behave, have fun, and we'll all get along nicely. Any questions?
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    Important Week 3 Voting

    1 2 There was another but the link no longer works.
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    Team Competitions Sign-up Thread

    This will hopefully give us a better idea of who's active and willing to participate. When signing up, please also state whether or not you are willing to take up a leadership role of a team. Each team leader will be responsible for organising their members (the order of participation etc) and...
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    Who's the strongest Hokage?

    For those who are a fan of Naruto, you may know this is a question which I've seen many argue over. Please try and elaborate on your choice with reasons. 1st - Hashirama Senju 2nd - Tobirama Senju 3rd - Hiruzen Sarutobi 4th - Minato Namikaze 5th - Tsunade 6th - Danzō Shimura
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    Kony 2012

    I don't believe it's been posted yet, but I may be wrong.
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    Desperate Destiny Doomed

    As many, if not all of you know, beginners protection ended yesterday (at least for those in the core). As expected, DeB got off to a flying start, attacking everything they could. Similarly, SL began to clear their islands. Destiny were one of the alliances to take casualties, forcing their...
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    Pre-BP Alliance Report

    I know it's early but boredom got the better of me. If your alliance is not featured and this upsets you, please bare with me. There's little material to go off thus far.
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    Auto-updating Maps

    Here are ac04's auto updating maps for this world. There are 4 different maps available, in 2 different sizes. If there are any problems with the maps, please let ac04 know either by using a wall post, or by posting in the following thread...
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    Signature Shop

    I've contemplated this for a while and I now believe it's time to give it a go. List the following when making a request: Picture/Theme Colours Text Size (Note: anything larger in height than 120px will require a spoiler) Requests can take up to a week (maybe longer). I/we have the right to...
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    Important Zeta's Poster of 2011 - Voting

    Alas, the time has come to vote for your favourite poster of 2011. Each person only gets one vote so use it wisely. Remember, no campaigning outside of the Zeta forum.
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    Artist Wall - 2012+

    Simple: Download the latest file, Add your name Save the file as a .png Upload & Post
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    Can you crack the code?

    Can you crack the code?
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    Adobe Photoshop vs GIMP

    Simples. Answer the poll. *I realise there are many more, but I believe these are the main two (at least on this forum).
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    Time Cube!

    Time Cube Weird.