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  1. Mad Respect to BNS

    In the end VIC and others drove the premade super alliance, Venom 2.0, to seek shelter in the arms of the Black Legion... and the other sleazy "pro play" that happened in this world demonstrates what is wrong with Grepolis WW.. Sorry - can't stay here long - I'm busy toying with your pro...
  2. Inactive Topic Increase Plague damage

    Really good aspect to consider.
  3. Inactive Topic Increase Plague damage

    I had considered that but that makes it way too strong. Maybe reduce build speed by 50% but even then it would probably still unbalance things too much.
  4. Inactive Topic Increase Plague damage

    It would be less laughable if all production ceased for 6 hours a spell. City protection lasts 6 hours - no reason a plague wouldn't/couldn't.
  5. Inactive Topic Increase Plague damage

    Proposal: Change plague to cease all production instead of just 50% and increase the duration of it to the same as city protection. Reason: It is the weakest, most useless attack spell - A waste of favor . I always shrug when it's cast on me as do most people. It's not even a nuisance once...
  6. Troy WW

    Yes, NR wasn't committed to staying. Wasn't committed to breaking wonders. Wasn't committed to retaking wonders. Wasn't committed to winning. Only thing NR was chomping at the bit to do was make accusations and place blame for their failure. Those opposed to NR sure were committed though...
  7. Troy WW

    WOW.......... LOL @ KC!!!!!!!!!!! Planted spy? If he was planted it was by you all. DUH. If he was grown it was by you all. DUH. If he was in a position to cause injury it was by you all. DUH. If he was disgruntled it was by you all. DUH. TR rubbish? Seems to me that TR completely stagnated...
  8. Goodbye Grepolis

    Here are some undeniable facts: 1: My wall shows 1,720,000 dead NR units on my wall. 2: NR had several members that back stabbed and betrayed their former alliance and pards to join NR in the hopes of an easy win. No honor in that.. 3: Someone quits to join NR and it's "how the game is...
  9. What's New?

    Shady stuff? LOL. You ladies crack me up. Better find a mirror.. and yes it was fun stacking NR bodies. Thanks!
  10. Troy WW

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! Sable using a rad "mess with your mind" message to claim NR was treated unjustly. Pretty sad Sable... I spose you will also claim that we orchestrated your attacks on BL and got on 1 of your accounts and sent him a join or die message and then sent him an NR invite. I spose you...
  11. Troy WW

    Very accurately and honestly stated Mal. I have been contacted outside of Troy by a few players inquiring about the exact details. Here are a few of the mysterious facts. 1: NR turned Brave Lord into a refugee and then recruited him just like they had done with a few other players. 2: BL was...
  12. Troy WW

    Has anyone in the NR camp even considered how and who set BL up on 2 of their WW islands?...
  13. Troy WW

    Thanks for a fun world. All those attacks against me and all those attacks I helped thwart against my pards was a lot of fun and I thank you NR for contributing to that enjoyment.
  14. Troy WW

    No. NR used threats to recruit someone who wasn't loyal to them. Nr has used many spies and much treachery. I/WE did not plant spies. People like me? I have always been a loyal adversary of NR. They have always been, well, less than noble and it cost them.
  15. Troy WW

    Who are you? I never said they were evil. Were you getting that? Sore? Not me. I have enjoyed stacking 1.4 million dead NR units. It's been fun! Well the "standard recruiting methods" turned around and bit them. Them being in here crying foul is whats ignorant and sore.. You all have fun...
  16. Troy WW

    Really? You saying NR recruiting tactics wasn't despicable? NR tactics the entire server wasn't despicable? Get real.
  17. Troy WW

    LOL!! Who's a simmer? I earned ALL of my parades at NR expense. !! Deceit? You all grew your alliance by less then noble tactics and have many members that joined your ranks at the expense of their former mates. NR was NOT built on loyalty. I and many others have been an adversary and...
  18. Troy WW

    Dear NO Rules, It sucks when your underhanded backstabbing honor-less dishonest tactics are turned around on you doesn't it. You all earned it and it is well deserved. Have a wonderful Grepo day!~ :)
  19. Troy dream team

    I can't believe this thread isn't active. It's where we can actually pay props and respects to our fellow gamers. Guess peeps just rather smear others to feel good about themselves.
  20. Troy dream team

    They been gone so long they never even came to mind. You are right though. I have played with all these here and in other worlds too (Redwood O) and they are a great bunch of players.