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  1. New God Discussion Thread

    lolz.. The second mythological unit gonna get the game messed up. With its very high defensive values, i dont see it fit for equal game though. It outranks Pegasus which is considered one of the best defensive unit to have. but still.. Thats none of my business -- pictures the toad having coffee--
  2. Text Alert

    one thing by the way, attack alarm on phone app, killed the beauty of the game...
  3. Server lags and serious embarrassment

    Hello I understand there are always lags between pinging server when sending support or attack. But c´mon... cant you fix it somehow???? I mean only 25% of grepolis players are playing free... rest all are paying you MONEY... sometime this lag is +9 seconds and sometimes -10 seconds... do you...
  4. Passed Razing Cities

    I was able to destroy a city that way, I would rather conquer it for more points and gaining ground... you know... just sayin,,,
  5. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    I am not their representative but they have a very foolproof strategy of colonizing and conquering just like The Triad, its not about points, its about attaining defensive capabilities :)
  6. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    Think its time for new list??
  7. Michael Philippides RIP

    Our prayers are with your brother my friend. May his soul rest in peace and may Lord bless you with patience over this loss. Amen.
  8. Top 12 Alliances of Thebes

    yeah.. let see how it gets all shaken up ....
  9. Guide Attack Planner Guide

    well, i see attack planner almost useless, just a waste of 100 gold every 14 days for me... you know... if your brain works good, you dont need to plan attack this way... in my opinion... why it doesnt send attack automatically on set time? that feature should be added and grepolis team, you...
  10. Pre World Thebes Discussion Thread

    today is 10, world isnt there yet? i can see rise of The Triad from here :P
  11. Michael Philippides RIP

    oh, thats really sad to hear. My deepest condolences and may his soul rest in peace, prayers of Last of the Mohican are with him. :(
  12. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    lolz... i didnt say that they, LoD, are #1 at rank... i said that as I dont know if EN / LoL were MRA or premade, in case of premade, their origins, as i know of LoD... still LoD is is fraction of what EN is right now, well...
  13. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    the players in LoD are just a fraction of what LoD was in Knossos. I think they are joining in to make a bigger alliance... at least thats the one i know... dont know where EN or LoL came from...
  14. Restarting Near Alliane - Algorithm?

    i checked it though, they are spawned to areas with big cities... and that ocean wasnt much populated with alliance members
  15. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    It is still a little early to call disputed or undisputed, we still have alot players which i know from others worlds, very good ones, scattered around alliances.... Legion of Death for example.... winners of Knossos....
  16. Graphics CnC (Comment and Critique)

    made this way back
  17. Restarting Near Alliane - Algorithm?

    Hello, I wanted to know, that in a specific circumstance, for example an alliance is scattered in almost every ocean , if a player restarts to be near to alliance, where that play will be placed? 1. where mostly the leaders reside? 2. where the alliance members are populated at most...
  18. Legion of Death vs Valor.... Who will make it through

    I liked Valor standing on so called "Dozen Pacts" .. shows their ability of war though :D