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  1. Ideas/Concerns

    Spending. I am not very eloquent, so I hope I am able to explain why none of my fellow gamers are here from when I started playing grepo about 10 years ago. A game that is based on strategy and skill, add a little luck and active friends is a fun game to play. A game that is won by the...
  2. Pre-World Heliopolis Discussion Thread

    Another conquest world? :( Morale? :mad: I might be able to kick my grepo addiction if we keep making worlds like this.
  3. Pre-World Epidamnos Discussion Thread

    I understand, thats why I said "I will watch for you." If you want... you can watch for me :rolleyes: I have been unable to find any friends from my past playing days. I just posted here hoping to get people's attention. I will prove myself, but I need people to be watching.
  4. Pre-World Epidamnos Discussion Thread

    I have never played with the french before, but I do like to eat rosbif. So I will watch for you.
  5. Pre-World Epidamnos Discussion Thread

    I will be joining this new world. I will be looking for an alliance. I am an ancient player trying to make a return. I started playing in en103 about a week ago, but I am way out in the middle of no where. So if you are looking for an active player that knows how to play, I am a good bet. I...