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  1. Top 12 Top 12 Helio

    BwN got good doggies, breaking TP's sieges and supporting theirs. They cannot hold it themselves. Oh wait, they're not dogs, they're llamas.
  2. Cannot Trade

    Okay, thanks Magick!
  3. Top 12 Top 12 Helio

    You deserve to be bashed. You were too pretentious, you even asked on the forum who is serious in Helio and everyone said yes. You also kicked a player for gold trading. Now you are gold trading yourself. Shame on you.
  4. Cannot Trade

    Confirmed with some of my allies, they are having the same problem in Heliopolis.
  5. Cannot Trade

    After refreshing, clearing cache in chrome and switching to FF, my trade became frozen. I cannot trade between cities, and between villages.
  6. Easter 2014 Discussion Thread

    Ok cool! Thanks mungus and swamp-fox!
  7. Easter 2014 Discussion Thread

    Ok, so you are saying that only Cultural Level will change? And the Culture Points will be unaffected? Mine for example, Im at Culture Level 48, Culture Points is 3282/3384... so my CL will instantly become 49, but CP is as is?
  8. Easter 2014 Discussion Thread

    Culture Level after 40 Eggs Guys, what does it mean that I will be able to save culture points I already gained? For example, since logging in, I earned about 20 CP... my next level is at culture level 49 = 3384 culture points... Does this mean that after completing 40 eggs, I will instantly...
  9. Easter 2014 Discussion Thread

    Yes, just got off from 2 weeks VM. I thought island quests spawn every 8 hrs, I suppose it is also affected by players'a activity (makes sense). Thanks Hasan!
  10. Easter 2014 Discussion Thread

    I had one island quest in 24 hours.... anyone having the same issue??
  11. Not a Bug Came Back from VM - No Island Quests

    Okay, I just saw my first Island quest!. Thanks!
  12. Not a Bug Came Back from VM - No Island Quests

    Ok, so I just came back from VM... 12 hours ago. By now, I should be seeing icons for available island quests, right? But there is none. I have tried clearing my cache, disabling GRC, and using a different browser. Should I submit a ticket now? Or should I wait...I need to feed the...
  13. Inactive Topic Improvement: Lightning Bolt Spell

    How about: "Darks clouds appear over a city; A lightning bolt strikes down a building and kills 1-3% of units in the city." Basically, just an upgrade of the Lightning bolt; and I think the 400-450 favor cost you suggested is ok. Also, when lightning strikes a city, I suppose it is not...
  14. Project: Dead Externals Rise From The Dead

    Not sometimes, but many times :D. I frequent the ideas section, when a new member post an idea and they forgot to format or forgot to read the sticky.... boom!-'ripped to shreds'. Why not allow new members room for mistakes? Welcome them first! If we want the externals to 'rise from the...
  15. Heroes - Feedback Thread

    I wasn't there in 2.0, but reading from this old thread, I suppose what happened is there was so much excitement in implementing WW, that players did vote for WW to be implemented on existing worlds. But after a while, players realized that WW took the element of fighting, many players got bored...
  16. The State of Play

    @ Taik, you should also list enemies and the no. of players. NT Enemies (as of 3/9/14) L&D (43) XS (44) ..300.. (32) Spartans (47) P&W (49) Armag. (37) Barr. (40) Rancho (24+10) 13th L (32) DOG (17) D&A (21) NT Allies (as of 3/9/14)...
  17. Heroes - Feedback Thread

    Looks like Leonidas is about to bite Zeus' mipples. On another matter, can the game devs make an in-game survey if players want to see heroes in established worlds?
  18. Heroes

    Good point Smilodon, Still, I personally would like to see heroes in established worlds, I've been waiting for the "Coming Soon" too long in Nicaea.
  19. Project: Fixing the World Release Rate.

    The Greek Gods aren't exactly 'wholesome' mate ;)... you know, they are murderous, incestuous, vengeful, jealous, etc... And sexualizing the Gods might actually work, just google MMO+games+sexualization. This is how new MMO game developers attract first time players. We can have...