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  1. Running smoothly or creating deadlocks

    This thread is not about moderation. Its about the rules themselves. I am interested in knowing if the rules exist to help the forums run smoothly, or to create deadlocks where a certain person or certain idea could not be discussed at all. For example, officially: However, it is the...
  2. CS celebrating "peacetime" in my town

    Today, I opened my grepolis account on en71(Gonnos) just to see a siege on my town. It was broken, but the question is, what was it doing there in the first place? Were the troops there singing to me a christmas carol in some new unrecognizable language? Whats the whole point of...
  3. Fixed Artemesia, the "con" from Halicarnassus

    World: Achilles(en32), Gonnos(en71) In Game Name: Hasan Naqvi Have check the known bugs list: Is it even updated? Have you cleared your cache and cookies: Not a bug on client's end, its a server issue! Have you tried a different computer/laptop/tablet/phone: Not a bug on client's end, its a...
  4. IS IT ALLOWED ya Mighty?

    Alliance profile: If having a profile, gives another reason, or more appropriately excuse,(exact word should rather be opportunity IMHO) to ban all leaders of an alliance, I will rather chose to be the sole founder, and pact and work with other alliances. When I am denied details of others...
  5. Build times

    In en71 (Gonnos), I build senate to lvl 24 in two of my cities. There is no crane research in either city, and no spells activated at either city. Yet, the construction times for the SAME BUILDING at SAME LEVEL are significantly different. And I have been observing this for quite some...
  6. Petition for new prefix

    The forum gods, We, the forum members spammers, would like addition of prefixes into the OT section. We would advise you to consider the following prefixes : The Public Court Case, Spam and petition. More prefixes will be suggested later. Please grant us, the small demands we made.
  7. Sim city

    Due to the serious lack of good alliances, I am compelled to make one! A one of its kind, Sim City. Alliance profile: As of yet, the alliance is quite small, but we have the rank 18 player.(Hint: he is the only founder) The alliance is currently based in o45, and is open to ALL, who want...
  8. Fixed island quest

    Quest name: refugee or prey Bug: However, the spell is enacted for whole 13.5 hours, rather than the brief period. world is en58, just incase it mattered.
  9. multiple cs

    Since when can i not send more than 1 cs in an attack?
  10. The End

    The last 1st gen world, is getting nearer to its end as the number of registered players left here falls as low as 311. I am sure, many of these won't be active, and the countdown for the end of world one must be in progress.
  11. Inactive Topic Change way Bp works

    Proposal: To change the way beginners protection works.(all three changes) Reason:It is really irritating when the last minutes of bp are left. Details: (i)Currently if the bp for a player will run out at 12:35, then you can launch attack only after 12:35. This gives him extra benefit of the...
  12. What makes The Agora so popular?

    Well, its a know fact that off-topic is the most popular section in this forum.(accept it) But today i observed the strongest rival to it was...... oh, GrepoFX At this moment, 11 viewers were watching off-topic, 8 GrepoFX and only 3 community announcements. This undoubtedly makes Agora the...
  13. grepolympics

    If i participate again in grepolympics with gold, do i get more laurels? or does it only help me towards the weekly reward?
  14. Inactive Topic Auto-peacetime

    Proposal: Auto peacetime should be implemented, when the proxy servers of grepolis in any country fail. Reasons: When on a an international market, several communities or regions are denied access to the game, then well its high time, to consider this. There is a high chance that players...
  15. Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

    You read right, 1
  16. Fixed Beginner Protection

    The BP spell says i cannot neither be attacked, nor can i attack enemy cities. However the later is not true as i can attack others. This is not account or world specific, so didn't use the template.
  17. Spam of the year 2013

    Given that spam is being removed from all other sections, you all can count on me to become one of the most active guys using this section. Though my aim would to spam without reasons, just to spend off my time! This is the very first thread of mine, but more will pop in soon. I can assure only...
  18. Wondering

    Any one playing on achilles, still here on forums?
  19. Easter Event

    Why did this event not start today, as it was expected to be?
  20. Fixed misssing cancel button

    world:en32(achilles) Overview of bug: Can't cancel the last naval queue(if land takes more time that it). Pls see image Work around: Going to harbour for cancellation,