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  1. Top 12 Teos

    let me know if you need help with the unpacking
  2. Update to Version 2.198 Discussion Thread

    Probably should walk back that statement about how you'd love our feedback before it's too late.
  3. World Off

    Don't worry we'll be able to make a custom application message when its all done so it's totally worth it.
  4. Top 12 Teos

    The softness is contagious it seems. I think it's hilarious that you think we are "coordinating shifts of players to keep pings going 24/7". See the difference between MP and LoE really has nothing to do with spam. When our players are online, they attack, they try to clear cities, they try to...
  5. Top 12 Teos

    This is hilarious. "No one does" - you sure about that? I can't even count the amount of PMs I/we have received crying about spam for what amounts to 1-2 attacks. The list of things I gave that you or your players have dubbed as "spam" is a real list. Those are actual complaints. So forgive me...
  6. Top 12 Teos

    Right, we've "claimed greatness from the start" by showing actual screenshots of stats. Stats are stats, if the stats illustrate greatness, that's not really my fault. But beautiful logic there. Would you like me to share any number of the PMs, skype / discord messages, screenshots of city...
  7. Top 12 Teos

    A few real examples of what LoE has classified as spam: 1. Not cancelling an attack when someone "attacks back" 2. Not cancelling an attack when someone wisdoms the attack 3. Attacking someone when they are online 4. Attacking someone when they are offline 5. Farming someone for res / favor 6...
  8. Trash Talk

    Just wanted to take a minute of my day to thank LoE for the help. I was pretty worried about these attacks. We all know how dangerous a player colebucket is. But thanks to you, my militia has come out of this trying time relatively unscathed! Please never change. Your continued...
  9. Top 12 Teos

    Remember when I questioned LoE leadership? LoL me too. Funny comment. Wonder how that's working out
  10. Top 12 Teos

    It looks like you've lost 18 cities.
  11. Trash Talk

    Some of this is actually right. You are correct, we don't spend any time worrying about you. From what I can tell your greatest strength is sending out PM's talking about how great you are. I don't particularly feel threatened by PM's, unfortunately for you all. Probably no one would really even...
  12. Trash Talk

    I’d honestly like some LoE perspective here. I get why you don’t want to speak. But honestly I’ve never been a part of an alliance who is getting wrecked so bad and is still so confident. So please, say something in your defense that isn't a PM proclaiming your own greatness and the downfall of...
  13. Trash Talk

    Looking for a war update on LoE vs. LoE, as based on stats that seems to be the only alliance they are taking cities from. Seems like a real nail biter
  14. Top 12 Teos

    I’ve turned down more offers than actual cities you’ve conquered.
  15. Top 12 Teos

    Let’s be fair now. She didn’t directly lie. She just claimed I didn’t know what I was talking about. Said some things about hiding stats yada yada. Liked a few comments. Kicked a player I’ve never once spoken to. Whatever.
  16. Top 12 Teos

    1-0. Although they've sent a lot of PM's about their greatness. Dunno how you score PMs sent vs. actual city takes. Gotta be a conversion chart somewhere. Also for future reference, do we get to include their third academy of just golding (who by "just golding" they mean "actually playing but...
  17. Top 12 Teos

    You're proud of what, exactly? That you still exist? I mean sure, congrats on existing. Honestly, I think the world appreciates your continued existence based on the sheer volume of BP you hand out. Well done.
  18. Trash Talk

    I don’t need you to confirm or deny anything, I clearly already know. Fact of the matter is LoE and it’s sister alliance are pacted just golding, just golding is pacted with the 2 friends alliances, MP is pacted with no one, and no one alliance can fight MP on its own - and are all collectively...
  19. Trash Talk

    So is this you trying to deny you have a pact with just golding? Who also has a pact with friends? Pathetic. The #1 alliance on the world can't even fight it's own battles lol!