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  1. kranthitejab

    Answered New farming system & Villagers' Loyalty

    So just started playing again and I see that taking farming villages need BP. is it worth it to spend 100 bp for second city farming villages and when do you stop taking farming villages? One more question what is the drawback of villagers' loyalty in the academy? what cooldowns is it taking about?
  2. kranthitejab

    LFA O44

    Hi all, I am an old player(not veteran though :eek:) from the gen 1 days looking to get back into grepo. I cant find a single friend/acquaintance who played with me before and playing without a group is kinda not fun :(, so if you guys are looking for a decent player and an active person hit me...
  3. kranthitejab

    Looking for an Active Alliance(O46/36)

    Hey folks Haven't played in a long while, Just started playing and see a few familiar faces so planning on staying in this world for quite sometime so if anyones looking for a descent player send me an invite. (And how it not against the rules of grepo to use animated GIF's now :eek:) Thanks...
  4. kranthitejab

    Pokemon Challenge

    Ofc I copied it from Aicy :P The person above you says a name of a Pokemon, and then you say another one that begins with the last letter of the previous word. Simples. We'll start with: My favorite Charizard
  5. kranthitejab

    O64 Looking for an alliance

    Hi guys I am looking for a small and fun group I;m in O64 so message me If you want me in. Thank you.
  6. kranthitejab

    And a Wild pokemon appears

    I was browsing through some files and what can i say...... A wild pokemon appeared.......
  7. kranthitejab

    Inactive Topic Gathering point

    Proposal:To be able to set a gather point outside a city under siege so that alliance members can send their ls to the gather point and the player whose city is under siege can send the attack from the gathering point Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar...
  8. kranthitejab

    Heroes Introduction

    Check out this link for more Info about Heroes what do u think guys?
  9. kranthitejab

    Beginner Aarya's Art Shop

    Well you might be wondering who Aarya is?It is none other than me who is a noob in making sigs & avy's and is spending a lot of time on that. Here r some of my works and I am really proud of some of my works(though i used many tutorials and stuff to learn and mimic them ) These...
  10. kranthitejab

    Beginner Cnc plz

    I made this for SotW#3
  11. kranthitejab

    Beginner Cnc please :)

    This is one of the sig i made today and plz note I am a beginner ;) btw I used Gimp constructive commenting is welcomed :)
  12. kranthitejab

    Ac04's Auto Updating maps

    Here are ac04's auto updating maps for this world. There are 4 different maps available, in 2 different sizes. If there are any problems with the maps, please let ac04 know either by using a wall post, or by posting in the following thread...
  13. kranthitejab

    Advanced Gia's Artwork

    Here are some of my friends art work :D He is really really good at these :) will upload more when I am free ;)
  14. kranthitejab

    Milestones Myonia

    Player Milestones -Polis Count- 2 Towns: PsyKO 5 Towns: PsyKO 10 Towns:PsyKO 25 Towns: whhhaaazzzuuup 50 Towns:whathell 100 Towns: 250 Towns: -Points- 1,000 Points: Apoxpredator 2,000 Points: PsyKO 5,000 Points: PsyKO 10,000 Points: Browarus 25,000 Points: Nevado del ruiz 50,000 Points...
  15. kranthitejab

    To all those who r veiwing!

    To all those guests who r veiwing i recommend u guys to join us on forums it will be a lot of fun.We have many veteran players who can help u ingame. To be frank this was the best community i have ever been in,I have made some very good friends from all over the world in this community whom i...
  16. kranthitejab

    Count to 30 before world opens :P

    com one lets start 1
  17. kranthitejab

    so it started :D

    So il be the first to post here and hi to all the guys joining here
  18. kranthitejab

    Tutorial new bug

    World:lindous(probably every world) Have check the known bugs list:yes Have you cleared your cache and cookies:yes Have you tried a different computer/laptop/tablet/phone:hmm no Have you tried a different connection: no Full Version or Mobile Version: full version Browser and Version:chrome the...
  19. kranthitejab

    Guide: How to get a crown.

    Guide: How to get a crown. The strategy/plan to get a crown is to keep a very low profile at the beginning. Let the fighters do the job and you just log in once a day to ask for help if needed. Sit tight and take as many internals and inactives as possible. Add a bunch of founded citys on non...
  20. kranthitejab

    Are they merging or Is there an internal conflict?

    Seems like The Grim has some issues,some of their members r moving to other alliances.Even one of their key player or leader has gone to Cerebus(theraphy?).7 of their members have left grim and joined cerebus,SI & Rouge. The question is..... Is it an internal conflict? anyone care to educate us...