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  1. DavidDesu

    Who got the looter of the day

    It's insane how someone looted more than me. I looted 1,036,004 resources to be exact. I have got the looter of the day before by looting 600k... So whoever reads this find the person that got the award. How do you do it???
  2. DavidDesu

    EN119 Bugs in app

    Who else has this problem? In app I can't attack the bandits camp because it keeps telling me to select a city for attacking (I already did). Also I can't demand resources (doesn't let me select any of the farming villages). These are 2 huge problems.....
  3. DavidDesu

    Next world

    Anxiously waiting for a speed 2 or 3 revolt world with world wonders (instead of domination). Who else?
  4. DavidDesu

    World Teos Pre-made

    I'm making this thread on phone so apologize if it ain't gorgeous. This thread is for a speed 2 conquest world opening June 12. Alliance Name: Zero Tolerance About me: I've played this game on and off since 2012. My actual account is daveinator007. My original forum account had over 1k posts...
  5. DavidDesu

    Trash Talk Thread

    Post all your insults here instead of other threads... I'll start. The French alliance will collapse.
  6. DavidDesu

    Pnp Need Gold

    No one is competing against bear so may as well do something for the lols. I joined this world in November can't remember when exactly I think it was the 17th or something. I had quit Grepolis for months. RL is always looming around the corner. Gotta take studies seriously. So heck I joined...
  7. DavidDesu

    The New Year's "Skill" Package

    So Inno have decided to troll people yet again. It's literally 13 days after new year.... and what do you think happens? Well ladies and gentlemen they release the biggest skill packages. For the low price of over 200USD you can buy your battle points... yeah 35 heightened senses in the Epic...
  8. DavidDesu

    Need Resources? Have Gold? Gold Nuggets loves you!

    Gold Nuggets We're an alliance based in O45, formed by friends from previous and current worlds. We're here to trade resources for gold. Want that 10k point city fast? Trade with us! Attack us, we attack you. Help us, we help you. Complaints: message daveinator007