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  1. Corey Goodes

    The King has a message

    This place has been dead without me. I'm unbanned now and I have something to say to the worst alliance in Actium The Polar Bears The MRA They declare war on us But they will only go for inactive Like I said to you in my PM's Come for me If you have the guts, come for...
  2. Corey Goodes

    The King is Back

    The king was playing this game and attacking a player ranked top 5 in the server. As the king does he dominates people who use gold and higher ranks but two things happened during my operation on this certain player. Issue 1: Within 12 hours, the player who claims to be good, got put in...
  3. Corey Goodes

    He's back

    Noobs and Clocks have joined forces to eliminate the target Whoever joins in will earn respect from the two big boys in Actium The MRA police kill MRA's and only MRA's but we make exceptions for those who disrespect Yours Truely Corey & Krainet MRA Police
  4. Corey Goodes

    The Grepolis Corruption Hierarchy

    Seeing as we have staff high up the ladder rigging photo comps for their friends we now have moderators infracting people who react to moderators insults towards them. I get Neg rep'd by Lane and being our very own Robin Hood I neg rep'd him back with an insult like he did. I then wake up...
  5. Corey Goodes

    Calender Contest = Rig'd

    Due to my forum rep I was not entered into the calender contest. Why was I not entered you may ask? Because of my rep on these forums. My Picture dominated every other photo and didn't get entered and it shows the lack of democracy on this forum, this shows how we are overrun in coruption...
  6. Corey Goodes

    To Inno games - From The Robin Hood of Grepolis

    For every survey I have done for gold For every video I've watched for gold For every time the gold doesn't get received For every bit of evidence print screening the surveys and email confirmations For every time we contact the support team to reclaim our gold For every time...
  7. Corey Goodes

    The Death of Grepolis

    Inno games have pretty much screwed the userbase over, all they seem to do these day's is open up a new world every week as people spend gold at the start of worlds. I look around the current world I am playing and I see so many inactive players sitting in the core. Why are they inacitve...
  8. Corey Goodes

    What other games do you play?

    Before a moderator closes this I just want to get to know the people of this world a little better. So as the title say's what other games do you guys play? Me at the momment: Gran Turismo 5 (I do weekly race series' on other sites) Counter Strike Saucceeee Team Fortress 2...
  9. Corey Goodes

    Olympic skill points

    How do they work? So for the hop race should I just focus on speed? Do the points carry on to the next week?
  10. Corey Goodes

    Earn your gold

    Does it even work? I've filled out tons of surveys and literally 1/10 times I get some gold from it. Even some of the stuff like "play this game", I do it and yet no gold. "enter the code in our website" I do it no gold Is there a problem with it or is it just me?
  11. Corey Goodes

    Clear The Cancer OP

    I had to repost this as a Mod deleted it because I had a swear word in it. Everywhere I look I am seeing alliances of 30 with 1 or 2 academy's. These leaders of the main alliance brainwash the academy's into thinking that they are doing a good thing and lead them into thinking they have a...
  12. Corey Goodes

    Newspaper D.o.a

    Calling all of the members of Ocean 44 and 54 to read this message D.O.A pacted us yet spied us Do not trust them that is all
  13. Corey Goodes


    Who here is playing World Rhethymnos?
  14. Corey Goodes

    Pnp Unwise Knights

    They thought they were unbeatable The weak feared them The wise said they were just a large number The Greatest said they will crumble Time has shown their frailty and weakness Now we see a donkey with a limp The great one holds the ace in the deck A card so great it should...
  15. Corey Goodes


    Sent an attack and got no report rarely happens but can it be sorted
  16. Corey Goodes

    Confirmed Messages

    Basically they come up on the side notifications but I can't click them to open. So I go onto the right hand side and click messages and it don't come up in my message list.
  17. Corey Goodes

    Not a Bug Buildings won't go up/upgrade

    Hey guys I am long term grepoler from India. I can't seem to build/upgrade my agora. Can you fix this bug please? Take care a god speed Corey "The Hit Man" Goodes