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  1. Varun

    Ha! there

    I wonder if anyone from the old days is around... I see you, Baudin. :)
  2. Varun

    Grepo: Current problems that need to be solved

    Figured there needs to be a thread about this. I'll start First and foremost, app alarms. I really don't know why Inno believes that this problem isn't worth fixing quickly. I read somewhere where it said that the alarms "don't directly affect" gameplay. Well guess what, they do. Also this...
  3. Varun

    Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood

    Has anyone watched this anime?
  4. Varun


    Has anyone seen the entire show and loves it? Regards, Just curious.
  5. Varun

    Christmas Carol - What is Christmas?

    This is gonna be my first try in carols :P The link to the carol that I used - The tune is Jingle bells, btw The carol is as below: What is Christmas? The snow is white abound, The wind is cool around, The people are happy And kids are runnin’...
  6. Varun

    The Guardian Angel - A Short Story

    This one is a story that I wrote for my Lit. class. Hope you enjoy! :) The story is completely fiction and based off my imagination. Feel free to do CnC ;) The Guardian Angel The smoke, the fire and the accident, they all happened in a flash. A car had collided with a stationary truck. The...
  7. Varun

    People's Choice II - Poemscroll

    Alright, you guys and gals know the drill. So let's get the topics rolling. The poems will be posted in my thread. You're on, mate :)
  8. Varun

    Forum App

    The forum needs an app. Any thoughts on this?
  9. Varun

    Here I go

    So, I am leaving tonight for my college city. ^_^ I won't be able to stay online as much as I would like to. But I will be here in the forums. Also, my Gfx shop may come to a standstill so sorry about that. I will post the pics of my college campus and such for you to see. :)
  10. Varun

    Cool Tunes and Dubstep and Stuff

    Varun brings something new to the platter. Dubstep haters go away! Shoo! Although there will be other cool tunes :P This one is a dubstep: 1.
  11. Varun

    OT Courtcases

    I made this thread to settle any grievances that users have against each other in the OT (so that they do not spam the other threads :P)
  12. Varun

    Guess that Book

    There used to be a thread like this one which was maintained by Pushty. But it's been down and I am starting a new thing. So, it's simple. I'll give a hint about a particular book and you guys have to answer it. Let's go. 1. I wonder how their aunt bears their adventures. 2. Bingley and...
  13. Varun

    Things to remember

    Well, I'll be off to college in around 2 weeks, essentially the 24th of July, 2014. So, I would like to ask you guys about some essential things that one should remember in college Regards, College Noob
  14. Varun

    Oh waaaw!

    I reached 1k posts finally xD So as a party of sorts, I will answer questions regarding myself. (For those who want to know) So ask away! xD
  15. Varun


    Wow guys! I got some good news ^^ One of my poems is going to be published in a University's magazine :) Thank you for all the support you guys displayed to my thread. :) Regards, Varun
  16. Varun

    Steam and Skype

    Well, am beginning my college life soon. But this post doesn't have anything to do about it. :D Just wanted to know if anybody was on steam or skype then add me if you want your brain to be picked or for some advice (eww) or for chit-chat (hmmm) or just if you feel like it (yay) or if you like...
  17. Varun

    Wowie Username

    HI there! You know me, right? . . . . . . . . . . . (Please don't say you don't :*) :D :D :D Well, I just wanted to know what everyone's username is based upon. Like mine, for example is my real name. (Really!) What about YOU?
  18. Varun


    Just spreading da love ^_^ My final exams are over and with that my high school as well. :) After the competitive exams, I go to college!! Finally!! :D You all will be seeing a lot of me around here, now. I probably will restart Gfx as well :) Yours, Varun
  19. Varun

    My Life

    Alright, seriously, please do not think me as a wannabe who just wants to get sympathies or love. I seriously am not. I just feel like opening and I do know that people here are good listeners and overall, good human beings as well. Let me begin a little bit about myself. My name is Varun and I...
  20. Varun


    I would like to know regarding the logic behind naming new worlds? What are they named of right now? Before we had the Greek Alphabet and then real Greek cities. But what does Harmonessa or Cythera or something like that mean? Can someone explain this to me? :)