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  1. Dave Y

    Milestones of Mochlos (Work in Progress)

    Player Milestones --- -Polis Count- 2 Towns: 5 Towns: 10 Towns: 25 Towns: 50 Towns: 75 Towns: 100 Towns: 125 Towns: 150 Towns: 175 Towns: 200 Towns: 250 Towns: -Points- 1,000 Points: 2,000 Points: 5,000 Points: 10,000 Points: 25,000 Points: 50,000 Points: 100k...
  2. Dave Y

    Rate the Player above you

    This idea was taken from another world and is not my idea. The idea of this is to rate the last player to post on forum using the template below. Points: / 10 (How the players points are) Alliance: / 10 (How good the player's alliance looks/is) ABP: / 10 (Attack Battle Points) DBP: /...
  3. Dave Y


    I rep posts constantly when they are decent. Why is it that I receive nothing in return? Am I missing something? Never cared really, but to be considered a forum n00b is downright disrespecful, lmao
  4. Dave Y

    Seasoned Epsilon Members

    I have heard thru the Grapevine that some players I know very well from my days in Epsilon are here in Pella. PM me in-game. BlackFury Returns!!!!