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  1. Conjuest

    next world that gets announced will be conquest, what speed it ends up being is debatable and unsure. world will most likely get announced around end of February or during first week of March.
  2. trash talk

    popular theory : Virdian is nuts (pun intended)
  3. Top 12 v2

    there is like 0 competition thats gonna survive any gold OP lol its gonna be only vic vs bloods as per usual..
  4. Top 12 v2

    Imagine wanting to play this world fully and seeing virdian the crazy bunny and blob on 8 cities 1 day after bp... gotta give you high hopes of success and motivation to invest your time/money in this world, talk about no competition for those guys... lol
  5. duration of conquest

    Can you then explain why in a looooong time there was no world with 8 hour siege duration despite quite a lot of people asking it in almost every if not every speed 3 or 4 world pre-release discussion thread?
  6. trash talk

    @Victrix Please start buying more resources i'm at gold business.
  7. First

    thank you for clarification
  8. First