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  1. Yo185

    Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    I took a break from here, Grepolis certainly has gone downhill. Add me to the list.
  2. Yo185

    Nysna /most boring server ever or just the way Grep. has gone?

    1) This game is ALL ABOUT ATTACKING and FIGHTING! 2) It took Artemisia roughly 2 days to get to #1 defender lol. All she did was sim... 3) This game is ALL ABOUT ATTACKING and FIGHTING! Hard to find a good point in your post bud.
  3. Yo185

    Nysna /most boring server ever or just the way Grep. has gone?

    This whole event is similar to the WW era minus the overwhelming simming (although there is still simming involved). I mean: only one alliance can get the rewards of an NPC city regardless of which alliances helped take it. I wonder how the other NI branches or any alliance with a branch would...
  4. Yo185

    Nysna /most boring server ever or just the way Grep. has gone?

    That's why I'm diverting my troops to LoL :) Proud to say I haven't touched one of those NPC cities. Though I do agree, with you OH EXALTED HARPOON MASTER, if the amount of players and troops going into those NPC cities could go into our ops, not only would we actually be more successful, but...
  5. Yo185

    Announcement World Nysa - What would you like to say?

    That's preemptive turtling. I prefer only to turtle when the city is in revolt, but honestly ash, you and NI outpower everyone by both numbers and sometimes strength. So what's your reason if you turtle?
  6. Yo185

    Top 12 Sink-or-Swim

  7. Yo185

    Top 12 Sink-or-Swim

    Practice for when they take other alliances' internals.
  8. Yo185

    Top 12 Sink-or-Swim

    Whoa bud, let's not get carried away. Us Pooners are doing our part in the war. We're close to matching hata's every conquest on these guys. You can't say we aren't in a major war. We're getting attacked and we're managing our own in our oceans and taking control of 66. Please don't insult us.
  9. Yo185

    Newspaper Nysa News Issue #2

    HAHAHA that makes a lot of sense, I guess it's too much to take inactives in enemy alliances, he wants an even easier catch. It truly is sad how LoL got caught up with this bunch. There are hella good players in those alliances.
  10. Yo185

    Thracian Brain Fart

    Quick question: On the hero worlds, couldn't you have an extra 5 levels of your warehouse? Maybe that 34500 is how much it would take to fill that up.
  11. Yo185

    The biggest scumbag I have ever met in Grepolis

    Sorry to bother, but from an outside perspective it looked like it was just an ordinary attack...should have started off with ...."The founder of the alliance I am in attacked me..."
  12. Yo185

    Inactive Topic More to Agora Deals

    Sorry about that bud, just stating my point a lot of words. ;)
  13. Yo185

    Free Crowns!!

    Well, can't argue with experience...I blow bubbles in this game. :cool:
  14. Yo185

    Inactive Topic More to Agora Deals

    No offense bud, but this is a war game. You're supposed to attack and defend. That's why VP's are so cheap, to encourage fighting not simming. Also, the reason why the gold way is faster is because you're actually paying real money for those CP's, so of course it is the best route to go if...
  15. Yo185

    Thracian conquest discussion thread

    Why aren't there any troops that get a bigger bonus for killing elephants?
  16. Yo185

    Inactive Topic Drafts

    This would be really nice to have.
  17. Yo185

    Luxury Residence

    Well, technically, if you're sending your hero from that city, then the hero will fight twice as strong. That does have to do with battle. I agree it is pretty lame letting your enemies know, and heroes are better as boosts rather than fighters.
  18. Yo185

    Free Crowns!!

    It's not just DBP. Starting a world even just a little late as a crown will make you a target and thusly, players that have a few cities will gladly rim you over and over again. That happens a lot because rimming a guy with a crown has immense personal satisfaction.
  19. Yo185


    Can't tell if you got the joke or not... I implied that joining the world was a bad choice LOL
  20. Yo185


    Well, he joined hata, so he's gonna be able to prove his worth from there easily. That's the first good choice he made since joining this world lol.