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  1. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    Please enlighten me as to the name of my other supposed account, because I have no idea:D Someone has stolen my city naming system?? There will be a reckoning. I don't know if you know me very well but I'm not the kind of person to hide behind another account name, I'm far too mouthy and...
  2. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    Get yo *** back in the game. If I've come back then you've gotta come back.
  3. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm already here :oops::oops:
  4. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    U suk Look at those lovely world settings, can't believe I missed it :confused:
  5. Top 12 v2

    Long live Confetti. Always in our hearts.
  6. trash talk

    Grepo's least favourite ice cream is back. Can't wait to shrek some noobs. Looking at you @Sunfyre @Okinu102.
  7. Top 12 Thread

    Someone's got their panties in a twist
  8. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    Nah, you're the kind of person that quits and goes inactive on your team about two weeks into the world Confetti never forgets :wg:
  9. Trash Talk

    In my opinion, the time before dom kicks off is fine. It's the fact that the initial required dom percentage is 40%. 100 days into the world no alliance is anywhere near close to that number, maybe 25% max. And then you have to wait another 100 days (dependent on dom speed) for the % to drop...
  10. World Off

    Tbf IBW is a nub
  11. Top 12 Thread

    Why the false promise of a newspaper then?
  12. Top 12 Thread

    Today's the day
  13. Pre-World Eretria Discussion Thread

    Confetti 3.0 Or M&M @mac-man
  14. Pre-World Eretria Discussion Thread

    Likely with the close of Istros and Side. I know Istros is closing shortly and Side is no more than two/three months from closing I'd say.
  15. Pre-World Eretria Discussion Thread

    Confetti 3.0 anybody?
  16. Top 12 Thread

    I've been playing this world for yonks mate
  17. Top 12 Thread

  18. New World

    With Side coming to an end it would have been perfect timing for a high speed revolt world... Apart from the existence of 117 lul. I'm not sure why they released a world with near exact settings to Side whilst Side was still going strong.
  19. Top 12 Thread

    Too much nattering not enough fighting @Sunfyre @Okinu102 no wonder you two barely have a million BP between you, too busy chin wagging like a bunch of elderly ladies at the bingo! :rolleyes: