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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Why do I think I recognise the nick lethal-bacon?
  2. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    You're misequating things. Just because gold has a certain cash value in one server doesn't mean it has the same value in a classic server. Actually you need far less gold for a classic server as you only really need to buy the advisors. Having worked out I need 1000 gold to cover advisors for...
  3. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    That makes the assumption that the same number of people will play regardless of the world. It also assumes that the huge big spenders would outweigh the income from lots of smaller spenders which is generally a false assumption. It's easier to get 1000 people paying $10 than 10 people paying...
  4. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    I'd much rather have a subscription world. The fixed gold amount is one of the things that makes this world so attractive to me at least.
  5. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    I think that's because they're blocking new sign ups
  6. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    Innogames the only company who when they come up with a good idea find a way to completely ruin it.
  7. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    What I don't understand is I started on Zeta. There were more players playing back then than on this world I think. Computing power has come a long way since then too. So how come it's so bad? There's no reason it should be so bad apart from deliberate sabotage by inno to cripple their own thing.
  8. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    Call me a cynic but is this Innos answer to demands to retry a classic world. Open it and make it as terrible as possible so no-one wants another one?
  9. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    You coming back big guy
  10. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    Can we also confirm no reservation tool, no alliance finder, no pacts tool or shared forums? Farming system is presumably back to sending troops to farm and support farms to increase their loyalty?
  11. Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    They only need to slow down the unit speed world speed 6 will work given the lack of accelerated recruitment, improved construction speeds quest rewards etc. The start is going to feel pretty slow alas you have to actually wait for every building to finish no free complete in the last 5 mins.
  12. Caustic - real deal?

    I'm not denying it was a legitimate or effective tactic. I didn't say that at any point. You are correct I did use the phrase the real deal, I also opened this thread. I thought I made it clear in a number of my posts that by the real deal I mean are they capable of fighting other quality...
  13. Inactive Topic Domination worlds

    What do you mean you can't of course you can you just change the way the game is currently set up
  14. Inactive Topic Domination worlds

    Proposal: Create a new type of server where the victory type is domination Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? NO Reason: Current endgame sucks and some of the old schoolers would probably come back to play this way Details: No-one likes world wonders. Most people...
  15. Caustic - real deal?

    Absolutely I ghosted I had over 300 attacks at one point. Initially a group of your players had tried individually tried to take my cities and been repelled easily. Then you spammed me with enough attacks to overload my mobile making it impossible to defend. If that's what a bunch of players in...
  16. W.A.R.ends here

    Yeah housing a corrupt mod you really are doing wonders for the cleanliness of the game.
  17. W.A.R.ends here

    GS you're full of it. Here saying how anyone cheating you don't want in your alliance. Then turns out your mod is corrupt which we can all agree is 100 times worse than someone cheating and you're happy to keep them in your alliance. I'm sure you're still in contact with your mod friends that...
  18. W.A.R.ends here

    Agreed they should be more transparent but at the moment they are not supposed to provide any details. They simply ban or don't ban. I'd argue a lot of people try to ignore the consequences of their actions when they do something bad. Not sure why you feel a mod who is a valued commodity for...
  19. W.A.R.ends here

    Personally I think people often get banned after a lot of people complain. So you're saying your logic is when a lot of people complain and someone gets banned they're guilty. If people complain about a mod and they get fired but then claim "every reason under the sun" that it's not true they're...
  20. W.A.R.ends here

    Cas did