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  1. j0ck3

    Richard - Community Manager

    Hi nice to meet you .... Great worlds by the way
  2. j0ck3

    Pre World Kos Discussion Thread

    World It's better you mix like now a speed 3 then a new speed one in like month or so then in 10-30 days from then a new speed 2 world and like that .
  3. j0ck3

    messenger doesn't work

    Guys i am not a moderator or anything . But i thinck it could be 2 or 3 things : 1. The new update 2.You're internet or computer problems...
  4. j0ck3

    yo Grepo!

    Hi guys I am Jovan from Serbia . I play this game all the time . I used to have another account but i didn't play so it got deleted. So whats up GREPO ?!
  5. j0ck3

    Pre World Helorus Discussion Thread

    i suggest a litlle experiment... world speed 5 units speed 4 alliance limit 50 or 100 .
  6. j0ck3

    alliance Brothers Of The Coast

    Guys were recruiting , O45 , O44 pls contact me or hp in game or on the forum. Youres truly j0ck3
  7. j0ck3

    Pre World Gela Discussion Thread

    haha , guys some1 wanna create a ally on this new world , pm me for infomation :P