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  1. Is Grepolis Stagnating?

    TSF, the games been in decline for a while. The introduction of instabuy killed off a lot of players like you said and the constant gold events is turning people off. What I think is happening is, Inno is just beating whatever cash they can out of the game while they can. It's like they know...
  2. This is ridiculous

    Sucks Beaster hasn't returned. I guess the wife is still holding him down.
  3. This is ridiculous

    Are Billy and Beaster still playing?
  4. Events

    Sorry to say it, but nothing will happen until Innos revenue is effected and by that time it will be to late.
  5. Check out Rumpelstiltskin88 profile

    I think you'll enjoy it.
  6. Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    Thank you for the cities Rhino! Just out of curiosity how's the training going?
  7. Question for Inno?

    I have a question for Innogames, and here is the best place to ask it: If a player queries a payment with Innogames, because the payment was taken from his bank account twice, why is he rewarded with an attackable ban whilst it is being investigated? Hold on, I have another question...
  8. Congratulations Inno on finally killing Grepo.

    The first few months on Taras things were totally screwed up due to all the flyers. I stopped using gold when they introduced instabuy.
  9. Customs and Courtesies

    Why would you inform them of anything?
  10. Is Bhrytos the end of Grepo?

    It might be the beginning of the end. I'm playing Taras and most of the major players from the top alliance are calling it quits after wonders. They all cite the changes to the game. The players have made it clear to Inno that they don't like the changes and it shows in the number of people...
  11. Top 12 Alliances

    Gkass do you think going for cities during off line times is also poor play? I think its the smart way to go, limit the loss of troops and gives you a better chance to take the city.
  12. Top 12 Alliances

    Inactive city is still a city. I dont think its poor play if you harass a player with the phone app, do it a few nights and when they turn off the app you take a few cities. This is a war game if you cant handle getting attacked then go away and play farmville.
  13. Instant buy is ruining everything

    I'm almost sure Inno is writing down all these jokes thinking that there all great ideas.
  14. 2015 Grepolis Community Choice Awards

    Envenom really? BLACK ZONE CRUSADE has left Envenom Supports Miknel's streets piled with bodies. They ve conquered 42 cities and lost 1. Splash has left Envenom Supports Miknel's streets piled with bodies. They ve conquered 135 cities and lost 9. Srbija and Friends has conquered 98...
  15. Instant buy is ruining everything

    BP just ended and people have 5/6 cities already. That alone is why instant buy is here to stay. This game is F'd.
  16. Instant buy is ruining everything

    Thats the guy. Was it that many? I know when BP ended he has full myth nukes in each city due to the event. How many people have joined this new world?
  17. Instant buy is ruining everything

    In Taras one player had 3 or 4 cities ready to go by the time BP ended.
  18. Instant buy is ruining everything

    Sorry to say but Inno doesn't care. I'm sure Richard and Buiden relay the feelings of the community to Inno. They know we don't like the changes, they just don't care. Even if you ghosted an entire server Inno would not give a sh*t as long as they turned a profit on the server before the...
  19. new use of gold structure

    Luk it's totally screwed up servers already. Inno flat out doesn't care. They don't care that half the people playing Taras are never playing this game again once the world ends. The focus is on the new players who don't really don't know any better.
  20. EN vs The Syndicate

    I've played with Billy200, Kingdavid,Beaster, a few others and TS on Zac for a bit(couldn't do speed 1 then). I have to say they are some of the best players I've seen in game. I don't know much about EN but I know a few of there players from other worlds and they are good players as well. At...