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  1. Gulio

    Getting attacked 20:35:00 Game Time but I can't attack

    20:35:00 April 17 ( Game time) I have 13 incoming attacks, all sent to me in the past 8 hours... however when I try to attack back I get told "You can't start any attack during peace time". One just got launched against me the past 1 minute, but when I try to attack I can't. What the hell is...
  2. Gulio

    Security Bug - Windows Metro app

    Bug Description: If someone logs into grepolis using a Windows Modern app from the Microsoft Store, they will always be able to sign into Grepolis regardless if the password has changed. It will not prompt them for it. Steps to reproduce: -Log into an account using a windows metro app, save...
  3. Gulio

    Sept 11 - Server Cease Fire

    We have sent around emails throughout the server alliances regarding a Cease Fire for September 11. To remember he fallen on 9/11 (Sept 11) there will be a 24 hour ceasefire on everything. Instead of trying to be sneaky and idiotic by attacking those that are showing their respect, grab a...
  4. Gulio

    Enemy going on Vacation - Easy to spot and exploit

    Today I targeted a city with a 12 hour attack and it told me: The player is on Vacation. I thought that was strange because I launched a 2 hour attack on him minutes earlier and it worked. So I started to play around with finding out exactly when his vacation started. As soon as I figured it...
  5. Gulio

    thracian conquest - when it ends will we unused items be lost?

    As soon as the thracian conquest ends today, will any un-used loot be lost? Or will we have a day or so to use it afterwarsd?
  6. Gulio

    Spam Attacks

    With all the attack notifications now in Grepolis, is it against the rules to manually (not automatically) spam players by attacking them at all hours of the day? For example, alliance of 40 decides to on the hour / every hour, send fake attacks to someone, only to cancel them a few minutes...
  7. Gulio

    Inactive Topic Spying - Report to be published alliance wide/pact wide.

    Spying is tedious. It uses a lot of resources, and it can quickly clutter up threads in the forums very quickly. This proposal is to create a system where spy reports are published to an alliance wide spy network. For example, if I spent 1 million silver spying a player. let's say I send...
  8. Gulio

    Pnp Death of a Leader.

    It started with a whisper. Could we do this? The Spartans looked as the Centurion Immortals threw down the Gauntlet and started a war. The Spartans looked again and saw their once called Ally, Daybreakers, break their pact, and join with the Centurion Immortals in a war to destroy all...
  9. Gulio

    Windows 8 Client (Metro Client) Unable to "click/Tap" buttons links.

    There's a bug with the Windows 8 client for Grepolis in which , at times, you are unable to invoke the action of a link/button by clicking/tapping on it. This mainly happens in the forum screens where you cannot submit a forum post or click on a persons name. Not sure how to give screen...
  10. Gulio

    Known Bug Island Quests during Peace Time

    Every time I attack or get attacked during an island quest i get the "Visiting" instead of attacking. Is this intended? It seems very silly Tthe Angry tribe tried to attack me with 48 slingers but they wound up just visiting. I served tea. I wanted to castrate them and throw them in a fire...
  11. Gulio

    Bug... or abuse... not sure - Grepo Toolkit for Android

    Because of my job, I always need to find ways around things, and then provide a solution to fix said thing. In this case the solution is simple, but need to voice my concern. 1) Find out if someone uses Android/Apple mobile app. ---Easy. Send out a Fake Mass Message to an enemy alliance...
  12. Gulio

    Session ending on mobile app with multiple tabs

    So I log into the mobile app, open up a new tab per farm (30x faster farming than moving around the slow site), and once I get above 10 tabs my session ends. This isn't that great. My browser saves session state among the tabs, and it works for 10 tabs, just not more. Is this a restriction on...
  13. Gulio

    Bug - Grepo Web App - Premium for Captain not usable

    So there's a grepolis website for mobiles (which runs 3x faster in chrome than in the Grepo Toolkit which uses the default browser - you should let the user decide what to use). Having the Captain as a premium does not offer ANY benefit when using the mobile version (other than the bonus to...
  14. Gulio

    BP For militia...

    Has anyone found this crazy? This is from an allies attack, we've seen a few of these.
  15. Gulio

    Attack Planner - make a plan when there are over 30 cities with the same name.

    On a server i'm on, there are about 30+ cities with the name... for example ABC. When I go to the attack planner, I type in ABC, I only get 10 of the people that it could be, and it misses the one I'm looking for. Fine, screw this way as it's not working properly, or the requirements for it...
  16. Gulio


    Well BP it was nice, the blood bath will be nicer.
  17. Gulio

    PnP: Helorus, Let them come

    Helorus my darling, I have always thought of you as a she, for if you were a he and not a she then I may as well be Steinalder. I have watched from the shadows as you spread your llama's wings and allow the warriors to roam your lands. These warriors have come, they're active, waiting... eager...
  18. Gulio

    Bear Report

    The Bears are back! So it's been a few weeks Farsala, You've been kind. A bit slow at first, but you sure like to get my bears coming out, thanks for that speed up, you really know how to make a bear happy. We've seen some alliances rise, fall, change, disband, and what the hell is up with you...
  19. Gulio

    City with no god can't see supported myth units.

    World: Browser and Version: All Overview of the bug: - Myth Units supporting a city with no god are not shown on the unit list on the right. Screenshots: How often this occurs: All the time. Urgency: VERY annoying having to check the Agora every time you want to see how many you have left...
  20. Gulio

    Sigma Top 10 Map

    Sigma Top 10 Alliance Map. This is done base done on Points. This is my first map in a long long time, so excuse the colours if they seem too close together.