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    ur server has been killed years before
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    I'm here to ask all bwnw about being "zitti e buoni" and keep put the pea in the forehead of every red player in the map just like we're doin'
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    poor slackers and bad wolf
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    is u ask it kindly at the end of this server we could show u how to do it Maybe
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    @Jeff Winger rest in pizza, pasta and mandolino. We'll always remember you as the one who proves adversaries wrong
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    please, I'm the alpha woman 4) Have you ever seen a winged woman at the pub? If so I suggest u to calm down with alcool
  7. Closed Calling ALL Grepo Poets (Young and old/good and bad)

    Pollution of sounds, shouts An increasing sense of dispere Blows gently around the sunny bloody air in a pianful, ruthless afternoon Attack! Attack! Tears from the sky Just a chance for a last goodbye as unexpected as terrible among us The blow of a wall of swordsman -put out the sword- while...