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  1. Official Statement From Innogames

    Grepolis has became such a lame game. Pay to win Level 1000. Base game is still there but it is ruined under the weight of all the crap added to it. Money events from the get go of a new world, pretty much unlimited rewards, bundles with ridiculous buffs from the start as well, instant buy... It...
  2. Script DIO-Tools

    Yes, the window itself is very annoying but the option it gives can have it's purpose. Sometimes I just want to quickly highlight the player and see the position of his cities without going to external maps. It can reduce the overall need for external maps. If you can make the window minimize...
  3. Script DIO-Tools

    The best extension for Grepolis. Thank you for your work! I have found a conflict after the new (Grepolis) update on Chrome. The new 'Highlight option' is missing on a browser with DIO-Tools activated. After deactivating the tools and refreshing the highlight option is there. - I have tried...
  4. Announcement Mochlos- End of this Chapter

    Good game. Cheers MFW!
  5. Robbyn Gone?

    Thank you, I overlooked that.
  6. Robbyn Gone?

    To what purpose - why would anyone care if you revolt a city you can't CS? In revolt I guess I would miss back snipes. Sometimes your defense is offense, not defending at all if you can't be on winning bp side. I would also miss fast surprise CS, when you don't care if the dude is on or not, in...
  7. Robbyn Gone?

    Be gone you spammers! Thank you all for your comments on revolt vs conquest. I guess I should give revolt a try and see it for myself.
  8. Robbyn Gone?

    - Big vs small, fighting against active online player On conquest servers it is possible for smaller alliances to fight against the bigger and actually take cities from them, of course if they are smart enough, fast enough... good enough. You just need to land the CS and give your guys enough...
  9. Daizan Come Forth!

    The most pointless comment... We are on the game forum, act accordingly! An unfair game is no fun at all, and what the hell is fun about grep beyond its competitiveness? It's an MMO, without competitiveness it's pointless! Damn facebook brained washed people, they don't realize there are...
  10. Daizan Come Forth!

    Nobody denies Inno it's right to earn money from it's product - everybody knows that, we are not dumb! I won't even talk about the fact that marketing is abusing the word free - it's disrespectful to free games, this is micro transaction based product. What I'm talking about is that this...
  11. Island Quests Discussion Thread

    A question about 'Improved attack' spell - bonus applies to only land troops or on any attack sent from the city where spell is active? edit: While we are at it... 'Improved defense' - bonus applies only to ground troops or to ships as well?
  12. Cos im bored.........

    It was fun, hope we meet again! ;)
  13. Cos im bored.........

    So who exactly are you in Lindos jono? I'm curious! :)
  14. Fire Ship Ideas

    Was me. As of 08/04 I've transfer the account to another person. Going low maintenance mode with grep. It was fun! @Pythagorus I don't bother with you people ingame :) Posted it here, proceed as you see fit.
  15. Fire Ship Ideas

    Confirmed, CS did not stick. All prerequisite are present, CP check... New feature or a bug?
  16. Fire Ship Ideas

    You can't be the one who serves as my personal bp farm? ;) Will take FS stops CS or not discussion to some other more appropriate section of the forum after trying it out again.
  17. Fire Ship Ideas

    Then you'll find out who i'm, it's not good for the lulz.... just kidding, report got deleted... haven't saved it, assume it's a new change by devs. I'll test it again within 24 hrs. For the record, a couple of FS remained in the harbor after CS bounced.
  18. Fire Ship Ideas

    Nope, everything was there, CS should have stick. Server en57.
  19. Fire Ship Ideas

    Test it again. Happened to me maybe a week ago. CS went back home.
  20. Fire Ship Ideas

    Fire Ships can't kill CS, but they can stop it from landing if all naval escort accompanying CS is killed. Changes? - Make FS faster - Less pop - 10+ FS vs CS > CS dies