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  1. Pnp The Great War

    Here are some (winner in last 7 days bolded): L.D. vs Infectious (OV is helping LD slightly in this war.) Bad Touch vs L.D., L.D. is not only loosing but getting annihilated M.N. vs Infectious M.N. vs B.o.T. Bad Touch vs Infectious O.V. vs Bad Touch (this war has toned down considerably...
  2. The Awesome MrPetzOld

    Haha, + rep to the both of you.
  3. Top 12 Alliances

    I'm not saying that you and WE were working together in one big scheme to take down OV but fighting both of you in O57 with just the one of us even if you are not allied together puts you in a much better position, before skill is factored in.
  4. Top 12 Alliances

    If you had WE fighting against you in O57 you would be losing too, granted they are ranked 10th in the world but there is something to be said for having ~600 cities in one ocean and an ocean on the rim no less. I am not trying to say that Bad Touch is only winning because of WE, you are a...
  5. Is Space Exploration worth the money?

    humans have lived for approximately 3 million years in about 3 billion years the Earth will become uninhabitable because of the core's cooling so we have accomplished all of this (globalization) in 1/1000th of our species life span, if we are escaping the end of a sustainable Earth we have...
  6. Top 12 Alliances

    The Dwarfs have a pact with OCEANS VETERANS and warlords and Gauls had a pact to keep OV out of O65 but I see no reason why Dwarfs will want to pact with Gauls just because warlords did.
  7. Should the US stop getting involved in other countries affairs?

    The argument that China could maintain world peace is very flawed, firstly they have an economy of a little more than half of ours, with a smaller military. So if we look at pure economic numbers China is roughly half of the U.S. Of course this is not everything, the US has more allies, and...
  8. Pnp Infectious and the future.

    In Gela there was an alliance that everyone thought was going to win, then they did :(.
  9. Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    Nice Post + Rep Any reason you don't think OCEANS VETERANS will move west to take on Civilization?
  10. Top 12 Alliances of Gela

    it takes around 24 hours but they have started now
  11. How Should the Syrian Conflict be Resolved?

    I have made bold the parts that I disagree with. No-one has gotten majorly involved in this war so I don't see how it will expand beyond Syria. 1.5m have fled, and Syria has a pop. of 20.8m. Not exactly a vast majority. I believe that whoever wins this war Syria will be worse off and...
  12. What is the Source of Morality?

    My belief is that early humans lived in groups and depended on each other to survive. If someone in the group was harmed everyone would suffer. Also if someone harmed a member of the group the other members would punish or exile the non-moral person out of fear (if Fred hurt Jeff what will...
  13. War Council

    I would sooner get rid of merchant before oracle. I used Oracle a lot in pi and now that I have started playing again I intend to do the same. I love the idea but I use oracles to much for me to want this change.
  14. Amount of Players

    I'm listed as 0 points and I have more points than that. I think it is a problem with the updating.
  15. New Kappa Milestones

    How about first alliance to be ranked #1 in O54, O55, O44, O45?
  16. Resurrect Kappa Forums

    Kappa has 370 players, once a world drops below 300 the world is doomed. Sorry folks but I can't see Kappa lasting longer than 6 months. Source Grepostats
  17. Discussion: Are Alliance Branches Good With These Settings?

    Having a brother alliance I think is too much. An academy is O.K. but brother alliances complicate things, I'm not saying that working closely with a different alliance is a bad thing but brother alliances are a bit much.
  18. Ruler of the Seas Discussion

    Master of Pi = 4 of 7 wonders Ruler of Pi = 7 of 7 wonders Ruler of the Seas = top 100, 30, 10 or 1 in an Ocean I hope this clears that up
  19. Tein

    Save your anger for the game.