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  1. sereton

    A Slightly More In-Depth Top 5

    I am bored of the current top 12, all based on opinion and nothing factual or statistically backed. My format: Alliance name: Member count: Alliance BP rankings: Alliance average points: Alliance average BP...
  2. sereton

    MRA gone

    Mad Rhinos Association have dissolved, including their academy/sister/hug alliance... Anyone know the score? :)
  3. sereton

    What have I missed?

    So who's come and who's gone?
  4. sereton

    Dark Black Legion

    A couple of days ago I quit and I was starting to hand off my cities to ex-LoD members with the aim to half my cities between them and BL. I told the leaders my plan, but they put up my cities in the forums and everybody claimed them. Although some are clearly claimed by other people, they do...
  5. sereton

    League Of De-loss

    The last 2 weeks for LoD have been mayhem, I know many don't care but the forums are dead anyway. 07.30.12 The day started with a mass-mail. This mail contained a message regarding Truc, it's explained chances are we were going to war with them. We lost MrShaw a few days before, this guy was...
  6. sereton

    Mumford & Sons

    I got my money for my ticket late, sold out about an hour before I got there </3
  7. sereton

    Just an idea - Top Five Reports Of The Week

    I have an idea, a little competition thing (no prizes or anything)- Just a bit of fun... I call this idea top 5 reports of the week... People send in their most outrageous reports they have had (must be from monday-friday) must also be from the same week! and I judge them and post on the sunday...
  8. sereton

    Current Wars

    Each section will be formatted like this: Side one: Side two: Side one conquers: Side two conquers: Bp gained in attack for side one: Bp gained in defense for side one: Bp gained in attack for side two: Bp gained in defense for side two: Map...
  9. sereton

    The Occupy Movement

    Since there is no DnD I think this would be the place to post this? I would like to know thoughts and opinions on the #Occupy movement... Are you for or against & why?
  10. sereton


    Who has twitter? I do :)!/AlexRixon Followwwww meeeeeeeee :cool:
  11. sereton

    Post your walls

    I have seen this work well in other worlds, I also would find it interesting to see some of your walls :) Here's mine: Remember I'm 11k :']
  12. sereton

    Iron fists get 'fisted'

    Disclaimer- bare in mind I am 13k points, I have 2 cities in their ocean and 4 cities in total. The other day I was sitting back in my polis, waving the Iron Fists flag. Then out of nowhere a thought popped into my head, I don't like Iron Fists. I left. I arose in the morning, it was a...
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    Theta Forum Personality of The Month

    Vote here - Options; Llettek Baudin Toolan Coblet Z Grade Uber Lord Robbyn44 strico10 This poll is set to close 5 days after posted, get your votes in now.
  14. sereton

    Spam Thread

    Okay, since you guys love to spam, here is your spam thread. Now you have no excuse to spam any other thread. Oh and keep the spam rule biding.
  15. sereton

    Okay guys; Enough is enough.

    I am seeing way to many threads being de-railed - Just because I am not online as much doesn't mean you can use this to your advantage. Any more derailing of threads and I will not hesitate to infract each and every one involved back into the 5th century. To all who can follow the rules...
  16. sereton


    Guess who's bithday it is?! That's right!, Its Betsy's day today :)
  17. sereton

    New mod

    Hey all; Short and sweet: I'm sere, some may know me already, be good and we shall have no problems. Thanks, Sere.
  18. sereton

    Happy Birthday Bob Marley

    I would like to take the time to say happy birthday to Bob Marley, possibly the most influential and well known reggae artist of all time. He devoted his life to his music and trying to spread peace and love, he may be gone but forever in our hearts. He was right. R.I.P Bob and Happy...
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    Sereton's Signature shop

    *insert oversized picture repeating the title here* Dimension: Primary text: Secondary text: Theme: Extras: Image Link: And give me time; I am a very busy person ;) Previous work;
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    [POLL] - Theta Personality of The Month

    Go ahead, vote; you know you want to ;)