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  1. Best Trade Ever?

    Not this much ridiculous, but still weird trades have happened to me several times.Seems like some people like wasting gold.
  2. Petition for classic world

    Give us old Grepo. Let's go on strike.
  3. Skipping tutorial

    I was first happy when a button of skipping tutorial appeared, but then I realized that tutorial quests give much more then this 50% resource boost is.Does anybody but me thinks so?
  4. New world

    ok, thanks.
  5. New world

    Hi all, haven't been on for some time and noticed that new world hasn't been started yet.Anybody knows anything about it?
  6. Grepointel

    In fact, neither Grepointel is useful for times.It counts the times when the points are added.As you know, the buildings take 4-10 hours when queining, so it's not effective after a week of world's start.
  7. Grepointel

    I've already prefered Grepostats...
  8. New World? Discuss.

    3/3 is good, but some people have no time or don't like grepo enough to log in every 15m even after 2 months of start.
  9. New World? Discuss.

    BTW I've asked this many times but no exact answer.Why don't those guys want to give us our old farming system?5m clicking is bad for health!
  10. New World? Discuss.

    I've the same impression.It's so, the faster the game goes the more gold gives you.
  11. New World? Discuss.

    Hi myheadstone.Are you joiing a new server?
  12. Fire Ships

    It would be good if fireships catch 0-20 ships, but they were much more expensive and can't be moved.
  13. I.R.S Revamp

    BBB I'm planning to start a new world too and have a friend, he's a good player too.Let's try togather.
  14. I.R.S Revamp

    Have played with samurai an year ago, want his skype? Ash (Tryfaaaaaan)
  15. Fire Ships

    Neither I build them, 0 FSs built so far, but yes, they are cheap, in some situations you can use them.
  16. Fire Ships

    When supporting another city they'll mix anyway.
  17. Fire Ships

    Just checked the simulator and found out this:If I have 100 biremes and 100 fireships and get attacked by 100LSs I lose 100 biremes and 23 Fireships and he loses 100LSs. So it counts the fireship after the battle between other ships is done.Is that legit?Fireships cost less than biremes so...
  18. Bellerophon - I.R.S

    Have written a message.
  19. Advisers

    I don't know, maybe THEY don't want the advisers to be balanced but it is clear Captain is much better than any other. In addition Administrator is worthless after first 2 weeks of a game when every building takes 5 hours or so(Of coarse if you don't use +11 overview). Isn't it right?
  20. Special Buildings

    Aha, this is really grepo style.Thanks.