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  1. Newspaper Istros Global Newspaper Issue I

    no glitch? Nice news paper, looking forward to the next!
  2. Newspaper Dion Global Issue IV

    resource spell
  3. Newspaper Dion Global Newspaper Issue III

    sweet thanks for the resources, lets go with #17 this week
  4. Passed Library - making it worth building

    A lighthouse would allow ships to move directly and safely to the city with a lighthouse, A phalanx isn't a weapon but a battle formation used by troops which could be researched and trained into units, A battering ram could be researched so you know how to build one, A gate would be shut in an...
  5. Inactive Topic Immortal Hero no more

    I've spent to much time saving up for heros, I wouldn't like the idea that they could be killed easily and all that effort gone down the drain. Bad idea
  6. Inactive Topic get coins of war/wisdom in Phoenician Merchant

    Proposal: You should be able to trade silver, say 1000 per coin, for either coins of war or wisdom in the ##Phoenician Merchant. Each day it would be a random chance which coins you could possibly get and you would only be allowed to purchase a maximum of 5. Have you Checked the DNS and...
  7. Best units for an island

    cheers guys this all helps loads
  8. Best units for an island

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of the best units to get for each island depending on their high/low resource production?
  9. Top 5 alliances discussion

    Wll the ottomans where waaaaay above my ecpectations i didn't think they would be able to survive a week, man did they prove me wrong. The alliance im disappointed with atm is INFECTIOUS, theyve played many world and have won them easily but they seem to be falling behind in this world with...
  10. Pnp Thank you Slingers United

    Haha nice as good if not better when players attack you without any battle points thank you very much! :P
  11. Important Competition Timeee!!

    Awesome! :D
  12. Pnp MRA and Noobs

    Pikulas for a player in an alliance with 2 members .... one of which has 0 points, you need to focus on your game play instead of giving advise to other players ;)
  13. Important Competition Timeee!!

    Ive joined today and will be active, i want to join in if im allowed :)
  14. Pnp MRA and Noobs

    The Ottomans where doomed from the beginning they where a MRA with unskilled founders. The tyrants (which im apart of) work together to make the best. We may have a a fair few members but we make sure everyone is active and helps in some way. Everyone has to start somewhere as long as people...