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  1. Saib0t

    Anyone I know around anymore?

    Is their anyone I know around anymore? Been a while.
  2. Saib0t


    I dont know if anyone else is having this problem but I just used some gold to quick research my CS in the academy. Its happend a few times to day with different things its happend with a few times doing it with the academy and now. Its just cot me 500 to quick boost the CS. Proof...
  3. Saib0t

    Rave - We Come In Peace.

    W.A.R.N.I.N.G ~ Aggressive business conflict ~ “War is life with a smile. If you can't smile, grin. If you can't grin, keep out of the way till you can. Recruitment If We Want You, We Will Find You. Send a copy of your currect history to LEEJG ~ Grepostats Provided ~ Diplomat Test Your...
  4. Saib0t

    What's Cooking?

    Hey guys, I thought I would join this world, What's been happening? Anything I should know about (Yes I Know Its Slow), In O67 far out on the rim big MRAs just like you expect in a Speed 1 server lol.. So then... What's Cooking? :heh:
  5. Saib0t

    Post Your Wall!

    You All Know The Drill By Know? City an attacker (1159) 254 173 162 242 45 12 8 1 262 a defender (210) 210 Grepolis Report...
  6. Saib0t

    Milestones Milestones of Taras

    Taras EN82 Milestones Individual Polis Count 2 Towns: ~ -why- 5 Towns: ~ LookingFor3rdWife 10 Towns: ~ LookingFor3rdWife 25 Towns: ~ exit strategy 50 Towns: ~ anabolic hemorrhoid 100 Towns: ~ anabolic hemorrhoid Points 2,000 Points: ~ Vernico 5,000 Points: ~ Vernico 10,000 Points: ~...
  7. Saib0t

    Newspaper The Magic within Mochlos

    Extra! Extra! Read All About It!! The Fearsome Foursome has begun, The war for the core!! Many months have pasted since the opening of Mochlos, But? Know one has a clue on what's been happening outside there own alliance.. We all just want to known what the further beholds for the core? Well...
  8. Saib0t

    Newspaper Coming Soon

    [CENTER]~ Coming Soon ~
  9. Saib0t

    Happening Here?

    Please Delete Thread! (GIFS not allowed.)
  10. Saib0t

    Gotta Love Em!

    Gotta Love A Good Noob Attack! Check My Looses!!! (Notting)
  11. Saib0t

    R.I.P Great Warrior

    R.I.P. Great Order of Chaos Warrior! If It's Not Blue or Green Consider It Red! Player who have known Spooky For Many Years! Please write so kind words Honouring His Life within The OoC Ranking!!! R.I.P
  12. Saib0t

    Intrepid Sekhmet

    Please Delete
  13. Saib0t

    Newspaper of Thebes

    Thebes News of the World Good Evening To All Thebes Forum Goes & Players. Each month, I will be doing a newspaper bringing all the Gossip and Interviews. Of our current Top12 and Upcoming Alliances. Lets get an insight of what is going on? This months addiction has some Exclusive Interviews...