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  1. Wars of Carphi

    Can't wait for some wars
  2. Conflicts????

    I like watching people kill each other lol
  3. inno are dogs...... watch out on the gold

    Im American lol
  4. Conflicts????

    I agree
  5. Gladiators

    Good luck
  6. Inactive Topic New Battle System

    I like it
  7. Rate the player above you

    Rate by Points- ABP- DBP- Alliance - Overall
  8. Challenge.

    Nu milestones
  9. King of the Hill

    Knock you off my hill
  10. Envenom - Next (decent) Conquest Server

    I'm from The us servers
  11. King of the Hill

    Charl is that you
  12. The Sons of Zeus

    The Sons of Zeus I'm making an alliance in Taras direction northeast if u want to Join contact me
  13. The greatest noob ever

    Lol well I guess I'm not the greatest noob ever
  14. The Sons of Zeus en82

    Lol sure if you want
  15. The Sons of Zeus en82

    The Sons of Zeus will be en82 direction is northeast recruitment Open have to be active
  16. Conflicts????

    Well I'm stuck in O26