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    New World!

    No one's post here in a while. Is there an official thread for upcoming worlds? I'm waiting for specific requirements before jumping in.
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    How it ended after the 7th WW was nailed down: 1 Triad 58685093 60 978085 2 .TCM. 27752249 53 523627 3 Black Sails 10665073 43 248025 4 Rising Tide 9158649 17 538744 5 HellHounds 8469804 13 651523 6 ArmyX2 3456998 2 1728499 7 Hunters 2432140 5 486428 8 juste amis 1552937 4 388234 9 Legion XIII...
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    Finaly some fire in Dion

    I hope it has been exciting enough for you.
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    What Do You Hate About World Wonders?

    You should prioritize the solutions from players who actually win with regularity, regardless of the changing of rules:
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    End Game Revamp

    A lot of the suggestions sound like they come from players who are not or have not been victors/winners whatever you call it. Winning alliances tend to roll with the punches regardless of the rules changes. However, if you want a vicious knife fight, make the wonders pop up (one (1) of each...
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    Top 12 Sober or hungover

    Kudos to all the teams that stuck it out. However we were congratulated on the victory by an opposition player at the start of this world. We merely played true to form. Top Ten 1. Triad 2. Triad 3. Triad . . . . 12. Triad
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    Let's take a walk back to 2012...
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    Pandora's Box 2018 Feedback Thread

    I keep getting the same mission over and over. All I know is I better not meet Pandora on the street or we are going to have a chat. She's like a 2 year old "Don't open that &@M# box!"
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    Discussion Divine Envoy Totally Useless?

    If passionate population spells work to reduce favor resources for divine envoys that would be a benefit. Anyone know?
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    Purification is a fickle creature

    When the city OWNER casts city protection it makes sense that it cannot be nulled. But it has been largely weaponized, which means it is an evil nuke. It should be able to be purified by the owner at least.
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    Purification is a fickle creature

    Purification was originally to clear your city of negative influences. Now it says it clears your city of 'mythical' influences. Apparently passionate population is mythical but not 'city protection'? This hardly seems fair. If I and my mates have purification favor til the cows come home we...
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    Strong Players

    I just noticed that most of Triad don't appear anywhere high on the list, and some of the strongest players are below me. So high score alone doesn't indicate skill, merely acquisition of things the grepolisscore places value on.
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    Top 12 sink or swim

    Update: At this point there appear to be only 3 loci of power: Victorium/mirotciv/Victium - 123 players, 9,951,691 points, northern oceans " The pathetic Kallistei are being obliterated by Victorium. They ve lost 37 cities and taken 2. " Triad - ocean 55 All the other biggies, to wit:
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    Mystical Hen Feedback Thread

    Everyone got the same flyers so it was all even. Now it seems hardly worth any bother. There are a few folks who gold nukes out regularly. Those tiny fraction of players will be the ones buying into the event. Many of my mates are I are just shrugging. If anything it has toned down...
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    Top 12 sink or swim

    As of 7 March 1. Kallistei - This group was #1 in January and is #1 today (in size at least). Not the best at attack, defense, or city gains, but right up there. Nice and steady. I heard they are raising watermelons for the right group to pluck. Keep Swimming, food supply! 2. Triad -...
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    So far, I don't see anything incriminating about the Triad of athens, oropos or zancle. Lots of finger pointing. Reminds me of playing freeze tag as a kid and making up new rules as we go.
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    Just starting and wondering...

    Stay out of ocean 55.
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    Wiki_Guide Figtree2's Guide to Grepolis (Section One)

    I like the guide. Don't understand a few parts, but I appreciate the effort.
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    Wiki_Guide Figtree2's Guide to Grepolis (Section One)

    That formula for culture points to get a new level, or city slot looks inaccurate. I have 42 culture points and I only have 6 cities. According to you I should have slots for tons more cities. "Culture Levels Culture Levels require a certain number of culture points. The required amount...
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    Who is OSG?