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  1. DeusVult

    MGGA War Roster

    Who said MGGA were turtles? Step forward please, own up to your words, if you dare. MGGA Battle Roster: Insomnia, Wake Up Call, Black Star, Black List, Deuces Wild, Deuces Wild., Phalanx I, Phalanx II, Phalanx III, Old Dwarven Flying Circus, Make Grepo Sim Again, Host with no Name, Hostess...
  2. DeusVult

    Pnp They hate us cause they ain't us. Throwback Thursday!

    Hater bandwagon came rolling through and through. They left sore and salty Sorry to let you know this ramble of half intelligently put together words was, and always will be the wishful thinking of a little noobie bandwagoning with the rest of its little noobies:oops:
  3. DeusVult

    Noobs: Experts at killing their own troops

    1 million ABP+DBP in 3 days by Noobs top player Hainamiis. Their leadership calls it "Re-specializing". The 3 days where Hainamiis killed his own stuff for top 1 fighters rank: Interesting when a player re-specializes his way to the number 1 fighters rank. Clearly this was for his own...