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  1. vincaocao

    Post your walls!

    Since I think noone made one yet so I decided to. Made some sacrifices against dixie normous, bugger. Uploaded with
  2. vincaocao

    Rate the alliance

    Yeah it's easy, rate the alliance the above the poster is in. Now rate my terrible rising alliance. :P
  3. vincaocao

    Your first alliance

    Yeah I got this from the other world forums so what was your first alliance? Actually my first was VMHA star alliance, I founded it, i was the only member and at that time I was a total noob (i still am now), and then I joined the warriors of death which is another extremely bad alliance...
  4. vincaocao

    Second Choice alliance - what would you choose?

    So what if your alliance falls to pieces and the founder dissolves it? Then you'd be allianceless, if that ever happens, what would be your second-choice alliance that you'd join? I know TEA has became really bad now, the only choice is to leave, I'm nearing my 4th city and I'm only leaving...
  5. vincaocao

    Why is a above poster a noob?

    I got this from other worlds, basically you just say why the player that posted above was a noob. Example: (Player Name) is a noob because (Insert reason).
  6. vincaocao

    17 viewing?

    I've just realised most of the time, the Gamma forum has the most members viewing it, maybe it's because gamma is the best world on Grepolis? Speed 2, Conquest system.... I reckon Gamma is the best world in this game and speed 2 suits most players (like me). :D
  7. vincaocao

    What is actually happening in Titanus et Aegean

    So the truth about what is happening about the fall of Titanus et Aegean and the negotiation with Fusion, I still don't get the full story, but this is the best evidence I've got: This was what part of the message Major Skakker, a leader of Fusion sent me about the info of the merge and why...
  8. vincaocao

    What worlds do you play on?

    Just wondering what worlds you guys play on. Btw how do you make polls? :o