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  1. Phears

    Easter 2015 Feedback Thread

    I'm a gold user and i have to say this event is about nothing else other that gold and a hell of a lot of it! Gold should give an advantage but the people at the top of the rankings must of spent quite literally hundreds of pounds over just a few days....there's no real way for non-gold users to...
  2. Phears

    Inactive Topic Problem of speed 1 worlds dying/closing/never ending.

    Why is everyone so keen for worlds to end? Grepolis was most fun and had more players when worlds didn't have an end.... i mean why put all the hard work and time into something that ends so fast?
  3. Phears

    So, I return ;)

    Oh my! Seems all of my favorite old school players are on this world, i'll have to join! ;)
  4. Phears

    Trash Talking Thread~EN83 Zancles

    What up scrubs? Where's the oldschool players at?
  5. Phears

    Worst Players

    B*tch please! I once sent a CS attack without any escorts, had hundreds of troops and the CS wiped out by 1 bireme and now it's used in grepolis guides as how not to play.....
  6. Phears

    Cythera ~ PotM

    alright guys i don't mean to brag or anything but i did manage to get rimmed from the rim in under a week of playing, just saying there's not many others that could do that.... edit:thought this was player of the month oh well i will wait....
  7. Phears

    Guess who's back.....back again.....

    old news buddy that was on my very first world several years ago, but yes i did enjoy it so much so i actually have that pic saved on my desktop and was going to use it as my signature.
  8. Phears

    Guess who's back.....back again.....

    Of course how could i forget! The number 1? or 2? player on Pi.
  9. Phears

    Guess who's back.....back again.....

    I was never female :/ not modding anymore dazz?
  10. Phears

    Guess who's back.....back again.....

    meh way too much effort :P im sure our paths will cross soon enough Thanks mate lol.....
  11. Phears

    Guess who's back.....back again.....

    Lol thanks guys, i would also like to thank whoever down repped me for returning, i can already feel the love :P
  12. Phears

    Guess who's back.....back again.....

    So i decided to start playing again and this world looked perfect (apart from the amount of old enemies on here :P) i'm in the south east, anyone i know around there? O76?
  13. Phears

    Which player would you bring back if you could?

    well thanks for all the votes guys.... guess i'll just invite myself back :P
  14. Phears

    Calydon Illustrated

    the fact that P.O.G and TGD are still around baffles me.....then again the swarm stayed on epsilon the whole time some how....
  15. Phears


    I think Dom wears crocs :P
  16. Phears

    Calydon Wars!

    Couldn't agree more, i hate the world wonders rubbish but technically....
  17. Phears

    Could it be?

    So i'm not really playing grepolis much/ at all at the moment but something occurred to me the other day which has been bugging me. It's something i've joked about before but i think could be real. I believe i am cursed in grepolis. Not necessarily as a player but once im in an alliance...
  18. Phears

    Calydon Wars!

    Alliances will always come and go, the chances are if it failed it failed for a good reason, gives players a chance for a fresh start though, take Epsilon for example, Seriously Enlightened ruled the number 1 spot for the majority of the time that the world was open for, then when world wonders...
  19. Phears


    maybe your ops aren't that good? :P ps i'm breaking up with you treachery, you bore me....